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Adios Majorca – see you soon

What a wonderful trip I have just returned from. On the gorgeous Island of Majorca I met the team of girls who will be working with Priceless Weddings from Majorca. They are part of a well established wedding planning company who have a wealth of knowledge of the Island being able to advise the best venues and the best suppliers Majorca has to offer. From my base in England I will work personally with Brides and Grooms relaying their every wish to my team in Majorca.

The girls in Majorca will be there on your arrival to ensure your wedding day runs perfectly in every way. And if you prefer I will even accompany you to Majorca overseeing your wedding personally.


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Weddings in Majorca


Weddings in Majorca


Welcome to Priceless Weddings in England and Majorca

What was the weather like in England this weekend for a wedding ? Did it feel like a summer wedding ?

I love England, it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We have some fantastic venues in the country side and town centres. We are the envy of the world with our quaintness and our traditions. The one thing we lack however, is the weather.

Long before I watched ‘ABBA’ the movie, I had been in love with the thought of weddings abroad and after ABBA, well I was hooked ! I have been visiting Majorca for many years and always loved the Island, now I have been given the opportunity to work with an established wedding company already based┬áin Majorca. The idea; you come to me with your vision and your budget, ( let me stress at this point, a wedding in beautiful Majorca is within everyone’s reach! ) I will liaise with my colleagues in Majorca and we will come up with the perfect wedding for you.

Just a few snaps to wet your appetite, lots more information and images to come very soon.

image image image imageIf you would like any further information please feel free to contact me.


Marry me Majorca

On Thursday I landed on the beautiful Island that is Majorca ! I am here, not on holiday but to look at this Island as a place to get married.

My dream is to get married here, although I do need to find someone to marry first but that’s a different story ! I have travelled around Europe quite a bit and have found myself getting increasingly frustrated at the way Brits are treated when they come to these beautiful venues to be married. Don’t get me wrong they don’t have bad experiences but they could be made so much better. They somehow lose their personal touch as are usually booked through travel agents or such like and are a little bit ‘conveyor belt’ ! When I was in Italy I was amazed that there was no where to hang the wedding dress up other than in the room brides were sharing with the grooms. Little things like that upset me, ( yes I know, I need to get out more!) .It’s those personal touches I care about.

Recently I was approached by a company in Majorca to see if I would be interested in working with them, from my base in England to plan weddings for couples in Britain who would like to be married in Majorca. Of course I jumped at the chance- hence my trip to the beautiful Island of Majorca. I am here to check out the company, the venues and the possibilities and of course I am hugely excited at what I can achieve!

I am staying in Palma in a little boutique hotel right in the centre of the town, breakfast was a dream – fresh fruit , bacon and egg and scrummy freshly baked bread, a great start to the day. The sun is shining brightly and all is well. I plan to have a dip in the rooftop pool before I go off on my wedding venue sight seeing tour of the Island.

Keep watching for my blog updates and pass on to all you friends – Sally

Fabulous New Wedding Venue


image image image imageAS PROMISED SOME SNAPS OF THIS WONDERFUL DAY AND VENUE –photos by Heidi Sharpe photography

When my wonderful friend Anita approached me regarding a new wedding venue so close to where I live – I have to say I was very curios !

The venue is on the Ripon Road just as you are entering Killinghall where Tanya has set up her famous Cooking Fantastic – Kitchen Supply shop and cafe. Not only that but she also has a campsite.

So that was the foundation for a perfect wedding. Chris from Wills Marquee’s came do a site check, he loved it. He had a great vision!

Sarah and Jim have been together for over ten years – they wanted this wedding to be a celebration of their love as a family, ( they have twin boys of eight) . Lots of their friends have ch

Exciting new Wedding Venture

Watch this space as I unveil my new venture!