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This time last year – part three (the wedding day)

It finally arrived Monday 23 February 2015.

I was very excited, not a bit nervous, I knew everything was organised so I knew there was nothing to worry about! The first thing on my list was to meet the staff who were on duty that day at Rudding Park. I found out we were working with the gorgeous Amy and the handsome Craig, they were both feeling a little nervous but I soon reassured them and after my initial meeting we were all ready to ‘get the show on the road’

The suppliers began arriving and the room began to take shape, chairs arrived thanks to Blacks event hire, flowers were taking shape on the stair case, ( thank you Colette). The cake arrived courtesy of Mama Doreen’s

Rudding park flowers325mama doreens

The bridesmaids and ushers began arriving and registering in to our check in desk where my girls were doing a great job of counting all the official bridesmaids and ushers


The bride and groom began to get ready, the flowers and table decorations with Kath from The Wedding Flower Company began to arrive

020522815the brideThe groomthe bride 1the groom 1the bride 3the groom 3

More tables and centres set and ready – chair covers by Priceless Weddings

'Quality Chair Covers'

‘Quality Chair Covers’


More fantastic cakes arrived, a cake of cheese from The Cheese Board and a pork pie cake from Wilsons Butchers


Everyone had now arrived so it was time for the briefing

241best mengirls671briefingpriceless weddings

The choir was in place, (rock up and sing), the bride was ready, the groom was ready, the ushers and bridesmaids were ready to walk down the aisle two by two. The three pageboys and Tim Hardy taking photographs of the day

tom hardychoir (2)groom 4bride 4sons 3

Last minute words of wisdom !

wedding consultant

My beautiful friend Anita, the registrar, was waiting for the bride so she could conduct the ceremony; here comes the bride – oh and of course the groom was waiting too !

b& dadIDO

Mr and Mrs




We did it !!!! 136 Bridesmaids 97 Ushers

say cheese625


menushers 5

And so the media and interviewing began – did I get interviewed – no I was too busy getting the party started !!

charl leeminginterview 1interview

Lets get the party started ;

lukekiss kiss718766mum

mr & mrsfirst dance881969967

It was a fantastic day and a beautiful wedding – thank you to all involved especially my wonderful team

photo 1[2]Priceless Weddings England and Majorca Wedding Planner

WR photo 1Thank you’s to;

Rudding Park Hotel – host

Abbi Lewis – Confetti and Lace – alterations and media

Alfred Angelo – wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses

Cameron Ross – suits

Tim Hardy – photography

The Wedding Flower Company – wedding party flowers and table decorations

Colette (Rudding Park Flowers) – entrance flowers

Luke Howells – magician

Mama Doreen’s – wedding cake

The Cheese Board – cake of cheese

Wilsons Butchers – pork pie cake

Blacks event Hire – chairs

Optimum Fireworks – fireworks

Rock up and sing Choir – choir



Are you having a DIY wedding ?

Wedding Day Management

Have you spent many weeks or even months planning your perfect day?
You have a vision of how your perfect day will be ?
Have you got all the pieces of the jigsaw, that is your wedding day?
Who is going to put the pieces of your jigsaw together?
Whether you are having a wedding in a Village Hall, Marquee, Tippee, at home or in fact any where !
Priceless Weddings can offer;
Priceless Weddings Majorca
  • Crisis management, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Your wedding venue dressed
  • Liaise with wedding suppliers
  • Liaise with caterers
  • Dress the Bride
  • Calm the bridal party
  • Meet the Groom at the church/venue, ensure the Grooms party knows what to do and are correctly attired
  • Ensure the service begins as scheduled
  • Return to the reception venue
  • Prepare and meet the wedding party and guests
  • Guide the guests and the bridal party through the drinks reception through to the wedding breakfast
  • MC the whole day
  • Be there for those little personal moments
  • Organise the transformation from day to evening
When the evening party gets started that’s when my job is done and its up to you to enjoy yourselves!
Contact me for a no obligation free 30 minute consultation

Venue Dressing

Wedding dressing

wedding stationery



Dressing the Bride

dressing the bride




wedding tradition

Priceless-Heart (3)
Bride and groom rudding park

Your Wedding Friend


Something Different!

A few weeks ago an old friend (as in I’ve known her a long time – not that she is old!) of mine put a request on face book for someone to announce the winners at the Morton Horse shows annual awards evening.

As  I used to spend many days at my local pony club as a girl and felt I wanted to give something back, plus this is something I am trained to do as part of my Toast Master training , I volunteered.

I have to say I had a fabulous evening and made some new friends! A quick look at the photos !

awardsawards 1


‘Hi , can I just say thank you once again for Saturday night , everyone loved you and asked if you were doing it again in 2016 lol,’


Weddings in Majorca

Welcome to the beautiful island of Majorca, where your English Wedding Planner will make your Dream Wedding a reality!

This beautiful Island boasts over 300 days a year of sunshine, it is only a short plane ride away, probably quicker to get to than a drive from one end of England to the other. Your guests can get here simply and cheaply, stay as little or as long as they like.



Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation can be done in England, at a place of your choice, where we can get the chance to learn more about you and your ideas and aspirations for your wedding. At the same time you can get to know us too.

Arrange and Source Venues

At Priceless weddings, (England and Majorca) we will source you a selection of beautiful venues, to either choose online or fly out to Majorca to view them for yourself. If you choose to fly out, we will source somewhere for you to stay, greeting you at the airport and transporting you to your accommodation. We will then be available to escort you to all the venues we have sourced, giving you personal guided tours.

Arrange and Source Suppliers

With the assistance of our resident team in Majorca, we will source you only the best suppliers the Island has to offer, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Expenditure Planning

Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will guide you through this minefield of numbers making sure you keep within your budget.

Venue Styling

We have a fabulous team of experts resident on the Island of Majorca, who with their knowledge of the Island  can advise you on works the best for the climate and type of wedding you choose.


Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will keep a record of all paper work and contracts so you do not need to worry.

Personal Time Line

We work out a timeline for the day of your wedding, this ensures everyone is working from the same timings and each family member, guest and supplier is at the correct place at the right time, ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Day Management

Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will be with you on the day of your wedding, helping you into your dress, seeing you through the ceremony and your celebrations until your first dance, then the having fun is up to you! The team will also be setting up your venue ensuring all suppliers arrive and being on hand for crisis management.

Toast Master

Your own personal English Toast master for your special day. Announcing everything in English, so you and all your guests understand the format and directions of your wedding during your celebration.

luxury mordern venue luxury wedding venue

portal hills 1portal hills

golf course venueRustic venue

monument by the seacas xorc perfil

8.-wedding-cap-rocat4arrive in style

DSC_1424Weddings in Majorca



Libby and Pauls Wedding

You may remember the beautiful wedding that Libby and Paul held at the gorgeous Newburgh Priory, if not a little reminder;

Libby and Pauls wedding day

Libby and Pauls wedding day

We had the most amazing day and it was a huge support and help to us to know that the days running was safely in your hands. It simply wouldn’t have been the same without you and we are so glad that we decided to use priceless weddings. If you would like to use this quote or if we can write a recommendation for you on your site please let us know. We would like to recommend you to future brides and grooms.Again, a huge thanks to you both for your advice and for simply thinking of everything, and the gaps in between. Libby and Paul

This stunning wedding has been shown on, Rock my wedding, follow the link;

The images are stunning, very proud of my team, (especially Lucy), please take a look 🙂

Jeremy Vine – divorced wedding guests

Whilst working away on my computer today I was listening to Radio 2 as I usually do. Even though Jeremy Vine gets on my nerves after a while I still listen. Today one of the topics was divorced parents at your wedding. I listened to a couple of horror stories and was mortified !

My job as a wedding planner/ wedding day hostess/ toastmaster is to get to know my bride and groom plus their immediate family. I learn about their fears surrounding their big day. If there are any issues before the big day that need addressing, I will do this, being the neutral negotiator and doing my upmost to make everyone feel happy about all the arrangements for this very special day.

On the day itself, it is mine and my teams job to know exactly what is going on all the time, ensuring there is no one feeling isolated or any ill feeling is surfacing. It is not just the guests that need an eye kept on, it is the suppliers also, making sure they do not say or do the wrong thing.One of my main tasks as a wedding planner is Crisis Management.

Being a good wedding planner is about much more than just booking your suppliers, that’s the easy bit, the real skill is in people management.


This time last year – part two

Now I needed to source lots of other important aspects to make it a perfect day.

The wedding dress was offered again by Alfred Angelo which was amazing of them considering they had already given us 140 Bridesmaids dresses. Amy went to visit Abbi at Confetti and Lace to choose the dress and start the fittings. Meanwhile I was looking for that all important cake supplied by another friend of mine Justine at Mama Doreen’s. The cake was amazing, Amy was thrilled. Alex, however wanted something different, so I approached The Cheese Board and they were very happy to supply us with wedding cake of cheese and even one step further I managed to source him a pork pie wedding cake too from Wilsons Butchers

1517686_10153152085830844_1743124582764614054_ncheeseWedding Cake Pie (2)

Alex is a bit of a DJ and has lots of contacts so he was happy to source all the entertainment, I just helped out with the lighting by asking my good friend Jon Starkey to sort it all out for me and he did!

With Rudding Park sorting out all the food and drinks there was not much left to do, I just felt the evening needed finishing off with a bang and so I organised a huge firework display – Optimum Fireworks didn’t let us down!


Whilst I was doing this and planning the day to run like clock work, the girls were busy at Confetti and Lace fitting all 136 bridesmaids into their bridesmaids dresses and Yorkshire Menswear were fitting the 97 Ushers into their suites.



Now I was ready to go ! I had everything in place and the function sheet all set !



This time last year it all began…….

This time last year I was approached by a (crazy) friend of mine – Abbi Lewis! Her idea was to break two world records and she wanted me to be the wedding planner and toast master on the day.

Abbi is the owner of Confetti and Lace in Leeds and is always thinking of new things to do as her attention span is very short, she is always itching to try something new, she had a mini series made about her shop, she was recently on Come Dine with me and the list goes on ! So when she approached me with this I wasn’t in the least bit shocked.

Abbi had already approached Alfred Angelo to see if they would be happy to supply 140 Bridesmaids dresses to hit the World Record for the most Bridesmaids to ONE BRIDE AND ONE GROOM! then she approached Cameron Ross to see if they would supply suites for 100 Ushers to break the record for the most Ushers- and they said Yes!

So the ideas started to be knocked back and forth. Our first task was to find a venue, we started the list. Top of the list was Rudding Park Hotel and Spa. We approached them and the hard work to convince them it was a great idea began, a few stressful weeks later we convinced them !

So now we had an idea, outfits and a venue – now it was time to find a Bride and Groom. How could we do this- a competition was the way forward. Once the applications came in we interviewed. The moment we met Alex and Amy we knew they were the ones! Both outgoing, they couldn’t afford a big wedding, that was about to change. The great news was that they both had lots of friends, which of course was so important. So a date was set Monday 23 February 2015.

So the easy bit was now done, for me the hard work was about to begin. This was going to be a world record but most of all someone’s wedding and I was determined it would not become a circus. This meant many meetings with the Bride and Groom to ensure they got their dream wedding. That should have been straight forward but finding a window in Alex busy schedule was a nightmare! The idea of this wedding was that the suppliers would also give their services for free, a very big ask!

So- a photographer was sought and we decided on Tim Hardy photography, Tim was delighted to join out team, its all starting now ! The room had to look stunning so we turned to Black Event furniture for the perfect chairs for the ceremony and reception. To finish off the décor Kath from The Wedding Flower Company came to the rescue, she not only set up for the wedding day but also the night prior for the private pre – wedding dinner with the help of myself for chair covers

287Abbi and me

alex and amy ad mainAlex and Amy

'Quality Chair Covers'

Chair covers by Priceless Weddings

076Rudding Park

325815Decorations by the wedding flower company chairs from Blacks events

Part two to follow ……………………..