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I love my job

How can you not love a job where you meet a very excited Bride and Groom who are looking forward to a wedding cake tasting. The great thing about it as the professional it is my duty to try the cake too, to make sure they are making the right flavour choices. It would be rude not to – yum yum. And the icing on the cake , ( well besides the sugar paste ) is the wonderful view as we sit and chat

What is not to love ?

The dream begins……..

Last week I took a quick trip back to England to meet Sammy and Dom who are anxious to start the ball rolling for their wedding next year out here in the beautiful Island of Mallorca.

It was the first time I had met them, a lovely couple who could not contain their excitement. They shared with me their dreams and ideas they have for their big day. Now the excitement begins for me and my team looking for the perfect venue for Sammy and Dom, we have our instructions and we are ready to go with plenty of ideas that I am sure they will love.

If you are in England and have a dream to get married on the lovely Island of Mallorca, I am always happy to make the trip back to England to make your dream a reality!

Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca


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Alcanada – menu tasting

It’s not often I get jealous but let me tell you today I really did ! Joanna and Mark had their menu tasting for their August wedding and it was amazing ! The presentation was delightful but alas I didn’t get to taste it, the looks and response from Joanna and Mark confirmed that it tasted as good as it looked.

I did get to taste the dessert, as I think they were both very full, washed down with a glass of cava and it did not disappoint !

Have a look at these images and judge for yourselves

A selection of canapes

Monkfish in potato crust and prawns in crab sauce

Raspberry and tangerine sorbet

Beef tenderloin with wild mushroom sauce, potatoes and seasonal veg

Crème brule with red fruits and vanilla ice cream


Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca