A Very Royal Wedding !


I wonder how Meghan is feeling today ? Most brides are nervous, excited and incredibly happy the eve of their wedding day. They worry about lots of things, will my hair be ok, will the cake arrive in one piece,  will Uncle Bill get drunk and perform his party act, will Auntie Maureen wear something not quite correct for a wedding, little things. Maybe the most frightening – will I be stood up at the alter.

We all have our concerns and although it is very sad for Meghan that her father wont be giving her away, it is refreshing to know that things do not always go as planned, even for the biggest and most elaborate of weddings.

No matter how much organising is done beforehand, there are things that can not be controlled, this is a perfect example. When things do not go as planned we must remember the most important thing and that is why we are there, marrying the love of our lives

Meghan must now look forward to marrying her Prince!

Meghan and Harry we wish you both lots of love and happiness both tomorrow and in the many years you will be together, most of all…………I cant wait to see the dress 🙂 !!