Behind the scenes

It is often asked by many “why do you need a wedding planner ?” Besides the obvious of supporting and giving direction during the build up to your wedding, sourcing the best suppliers, liaising with everyone involved, the most important of all is giving the wedding party peace of mind on the wedding day itself.

Behind the scenes ! this is where it all takes place, crisis management being so important, even with the most precise planning things can go a little wrong, it is our job not only to resolve any hiccups but to make sure the bridal party has no idea anything is amiss ! Keeping calm and professional whilst under stress is a very important skill a wedding planner must possess.

On the rise at the moment are a few wedding planners who have organised their own weddings and therefor they feel this is enough to organise someone else’s wedding. If only it was that simple! with over 500 weddings under my belt, (yes that’s a lot of weddings = many years ) I have seen many things that can and do go wrong, however I am lucky enough to have the skill to smooth everything over with a smile.

Now I consider myself really lucky as I have a new partner who not only has lots of experience here in Mallorca but has youth on her side and brings lots of new ideas and enthusiasm. I feel very privileged to welcome Rosario to Priceless Weddings