Bridesmaids! Why do we have them ?

Back in Roman times ten witnesses were needed for the marriage to be considered legally binding. It was later that the bridesmaids dressed the same as the Bride to confuse the evil spirits who where hell bent in wanting to sabotage the bride and grooms future. I bet when you were a bridesmaid you had no idea how important your role was!

In Victorian times the bridesmaids role became more modern, bridesmaids duty’s were to include making the favours, arranging the flowers, although they still had a part to playing in keeping evil spirts away by carrying herbs, grains, and garlic down the aisle to scare them away. 

The modern Bride chooses her bridesmaids for personal reasons, some don’t have any, some have just a few but for one wedding I did three years ago they had 126 Bridesmaids, which made the Guinness Book of Records but was broken a few weeks later by a couple in China !

How many Bridesmaids will you have ?