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Behind the scenes

It is often asked by many “why do you need a wedding planner ?” Besides the obvious of supporting and giving direction during the build up to your wedding, sourcing the best suppliers, liaising with everyone involved, the most important of all is giving the wedding party peace of mind on the wedding day itself.

Behind the scenes ! this is where it all takes place, crisis management being so important, even with the most precise planning things can go a little wrong, it is our job not only to resolve any hiccups but to make sure the bridal party has no idea anything is amiss ! Keeping calm and professional whilst under stress is a very important skill a wedding planner must possess.

On the rise at the moment are a few wedding planners who have organised their own weddings and therefor they feel this is enough to organise someone else’s wedding. If only it was that simple! with over 500 weddings under my belt, (yes that’s a lot of weddings = many years ) I have seen many things that can and do go wrong, however I am lucky enough to have the skill to smooth everything over with a smile.

Now I consider myself really lucky as I have a new partner who not only has lots of experience here in Mallorca but has youth on her side and brings lots of new ideas and enthusiasm. I feel very privileged to welcome Rosario to Priceless Weddings


Wedding Planning Season Starts right here……

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be a daunting task, there are many professionals out there who can offer lots of advice. It is very tempting to go online and ask other newly married couples for their advice, this seems a sensible thing to do as they have just gone through what you are about to start doing BUT they are experts at planning their wedding day not yours ! This day is about the two of you, not someone else. You are individuals, what is a perfect day for others wont necessarily be a perfect day for you. Somethings you will be confident to do yourself, others you might not be. Rosario and myself at Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca have different packages to suit each couple as you start your journey to your perfect Wedding Day! I am always happy to make a visit to the UK to meet you in person so we can get to know each other and I can establish what your dream wedding is and deliver it confidently.

Here are a few examples of the packages we can offer to help your journey to the alter easier;

Full Wedding Planning 3000 Euros

Wedding Day Co-ordinator 1000 Euros

Venue Sourcing, 2 days 750 Euros

Vendors Sourcing 1500 Euros or 300 for each supplier

Celebrant 350 Euros

Toast Master 600 Euros

All details can be found on our website or you can email me at for more information.

Lets take this journey together and make it fun along the way, we can’t wait to meet you

Sally and Rosario


Bridesmaids! Why do we have them ?

Back in Roman times ten witnesses were needed for the marriage to be considered legally binding. It was later that the bridesmaids dressed the same as the Bride to confuse the evil spirits who where hell bent in wanting to sabotage the bride and grooms future. I bet when you were a bridesmaid you had no idea how important your role was!

In Victorian times the bridesmaids role became more modern, bridesmaids duty’s were to include making the favours, arranging the flowers, although they still had a part to playing in keeping evil spirts away by carrying herbs, grains, and garlic down the aisle to scare them away. 

The modern Bride chooses her bridesmaids for personal reasons, some don’t have any, some have just a few but for one wedding I did three years ago they had 126 Bridesmaids, which made the Guinness Book of Records but was broken a few weeks later by a couple in China !

How many Bridesmaids will you have ?


Lets Eat Cake

Wedding Cake, an important part of your Wedding Day but why do we have them?

The Wedding Cake was originally cut by the bride alone as it was a sign of her forthcoming loss of virginity. Later the groom helped the brise cut the cake, which they then both ate a piece before sharing it with their guests, it was to symbolize their union and their promise to provide for each other. Today some couples take this even further by pushing it in each other’s faces, not for me I don’t think.

Couples used to save the top tier of their Wedding Cake to either eat on their first wedding anniversary or a christening ceremony. This did tend to be when the Wedding Cake was made of fruit, of course as many cakes are flavoured sponge cake these days this wouldn’t work today.

The white Icing used on many cakes was a sign of how rich you were, the whiter the icing the richer the couple were.

Today Wedding Cakes come I all shapes, sizes, colours, flavours and even types! The main reason these days seems to be for another photo opportunity, although there is no denying how beautiful todays cakes are and well deserved taking a very central stage

What about the alternatives? I have planned weddings where the bride and groom have had cakes made of cheese, pork pie wedding cake, profiterole cakes and even a cheese cake, (which I had to hold up as it was slipping off it’s stand)

Which Wedding Cake will you choose ?





To Veil or not to Veil

Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca would like to Congratulate;

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

On their wedding earlier today.

Of course we have to talk about the dress, did you love it ? I did it, in fact I think it is my favourite one of the royal brides so far. I loved the cut and the back, just beautiful! The material was truly divine, congratulations  Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos

Now for me there is the question of the veil or lack of it ! I didn’t think it spoilt it because the dress was beautiful on its own, its more the part the veil plays. For me it is respectful in a church to wear a veil to cover your shoulders, Eugenie’s dress did however cover her shoulders, so I am probably being old fashioned.

Lets look at of some the reason veils were worn;

Veils covering the hair and face became a symbolic reference to the virginity of the bride thereafter. A bride may wear the face veil through the ceremony. Then either her father lifts the veil, presenting the bride to her groom, or the groom lifts the veil to symbolically consummate the marriage.

Over time, the veil became a method to disguise the bride from evil spirits and of course, her husband who wasn’t supposed to see his new wife until the deed was done. The un-veiling of the bride – done by the groom – was to symbolise that ownership has changed hands; from her father to her husband.

The Jewish weddings have a ceremony before the vows take place which is called the Bedecken, this is where the groom and the Rabbi meet the bride and her mum, the groom removes the veil to look at his bride and check it is the bride he is betrothed to.

If you ever wondered why gowns are worn at weddings; the Wedding Gown and Veil were weighted down to make it difficult for a bride to run away !

Today the reasons are purely fashionably and the veil makes a beautiful addition to the wedding dress made fashionable by Queen Victoria.

So will you wear a veil ?

Thank you makes it all worthwhile

Earlier this year we took on a wedding three months before the wedding date, the time scale did not make it difficult as we have arranged weddings on a very tight time scale many times. What made this a challenge was that we took over from a previous wedding planner who did not make our journey an easy one. Suppliers were confused and we had to gain their confidence, some had to be replaced at the very last minute. The ones we used in the end were outstanding and the wedding was truly an amazing event. The Bride and Groom as you can imagine, due to their previous wedding planner, were very anxious and needed much reassurance from ourselves, which we were more than happy to do at any hour of the day. Receiving this thank you today makes it all worth while 🙂


Sophie and I just wanted to thank you both SO much for everything you did to make our wedding so spectacular. 

Thank you Sally and Rosario for all the accomplished work and the support brought during the organization of our wedding.

We had to change wedding planner in very difficult circumstances only 3 months before our marriage, we can’t thank you enough for being so “on it”, it really took all the stress out of this entire process.

Thank you for your help, patience, calmness and general perfect organisation skills during our 3 wedding days. Not only were we delighted with everything but our guests were totally blown away. We are been told on many occasions that our wedding was unique, spectacular and fabulous, many countless superlatives.

For us, these days were unforgettable and just perfect from the beginning until the end. Everything was like we had imagined and dreamed of. We were perfectly relaxed and could take in every minute of the wedding. 

We could not have done it without you both…your dedication, professionalism and generosity have produced magical moments. 

We would not hesitate to recommend you both! 

Take care and good luck with all your future events. All the very best.

Sophie and William 


Envoyé de mon iPhone

Hair; Sergio Anibal Quesada

Make up Jose Ojeda

Catering: Vicky Pulgarin
Décor: Vicky Pulgarin
Photographer: Rafa Cucharero
Videographer: Flora & Alexandre
Music and Lighting: Velvet Music
Cars: Luxe Cars Mallorca
Buses: Rafel Servera Catering





Thank you

We had the most amazing wedding in Mallorca thanks to Sally and her brilliant team pulling everything together. The day was perfect and so glad we found Sally to manage our day.
We hit it off straight away and this made the experience so much better for us because it meant we found exactly what we wanted for our day.
We will be keeping in contact with Sally for when we next go over to Mallorca – she is just FAB!!!

Thank you again to you Sally and your team for going above and beyond for Mark and I.

Celebrant – meeting the Bride and seeing the venue

What a fabulous way to spend a morning meeting a very excited bride at her Wedding Venue for her wedding early next year. It’s so nice as a celebrant to get to know a little about the Bride and Groom before their nuptials so the service becomes so much more personal. To be shown the venue and hear about the plans for their big day. As celebrants we play such an important role, making the bride and groom feel relaxed and all the guests at ease. Most of all making everyone smile and set the mood for the rest of the day. it’s a job I really love

Great Views for the Ceremony

The Old Swan Hotel – Harrogate

The Old Swan in Harrogate is very close to my heart for many reasons, today I would like to share these images of it from my Son and Daughter in laws wedding, even though I say so myself It really did look fabulous !!! Please judge for yourself …………………….



Flowers by – Kath @

Lighting and dance floor and DJ – Jon @

Photography – Ruth Mitchell



Venue Sourcing

Earlier this week we met up with a lovely couple from Yorkshire who had come to us to ask us to find them a venue for the small intermate wedding here on the Island of Mallorca. Last week whilst in Yorkshire I met them in person to get to know just what they were looking for. I came back with lots if ideas and reduced our list for viewing down to five beautiful venues. We were looking for something close to the sea with a beautiful view over looking the waters edge. They venue needed to be child friendly and also not too many stairs as grandad would struggle with getting about.

The viewings were a great success and from the images you will see why ! We are currently negotiating the  booking of their wedding at one of the venues.

This service is available for anyone who wants to get married on the Island contact for more details




Proud Mother of the Groom

One week ago it was my turn to be very personally involved with a wedding, that of my son and his beautiful bride who is now my daughter in law. The venue; The Old Swan in Harrogate, a special place for my family with many memories both happy and sad.

I have taken some part in over 1000 weddings and I don’t think there are many people who know more about weddings than I do. But this one ? well I was terrified !

I had no need to be at all, it was the most wonderful day filled with so much love and laughter by the bucket load. There were no family squabbles just happiness. Faces not seen for quite a while all thrilled to be meeting up again.

My son looked so handsome, (as did the other 2) and boy has he bagged himself a pretty wife ! My daughter was a bridesmaid and she loved every moment and has made lifelong friends with the other bridesmaids and her new sister in law.

The suppliers we had were the crème de le crème of the wedding industry and certainly did us proud. Just a few photos to get you into the mood ! More to come later from the official photographer Ruth Mitchell

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Mallorcan wedding with a splash of French style

Back in May we had the honour of taking over the wedding planning for a beautiful couple, we stepped in to take over from a previous planner at a very difficult time for this lovely couple. With less than two months to go we had our work cut out. We came across many obstacles on the way but with wonderful suppliers to support us we all managed to pull off an amazing wedding.

With the stunning unfinished church in Son Servera they had the most picturesque of wedding services. Our Lovely friend Father Jaime who performed a bilingual service in Spanish and French. Home made lemonade was served to greet the guests as they listened to a fabulous singer, as the bride arrived fashionably late

On to the Wedding Celebration Venue, a beautiful Finca set in breath-taking surroundings. The caterers excelled them selves as the served a delightful selection of canapes to hungry guests whilst the Bride and Groom posed and pouted for the wedding photographer and videographer.

The tables were set in the spacious courtyard decorated and lit up to perfection with music playing as the guests were served the scrumptious food. There were many little surprises along the way to keep the guests entertained and I have to say, watching eight very pleasing to the eye French men dance, made my day !

After the meal we left the guests to party and dance the night away into the early hours.

The photos will give you a little insight into their day, we are expecting more soon to share with you, sit back and enjoy !





Catering: Vicky Pulgarin

Décor: Vicky Pulgarin

Videographer: Flora & Alexandre

Music and Lighting: Velvet Music


A Beautiful Bride

We had a fantastic wedding on Wednesday here on the Island of love that is Mallorca. Sophie was such a beautiful Bride and not only did she look stunning on her wedding day but also on her white party the day before and her brunch the day after the wedding! She is truly a stunning looking woman and to make her look complete she had; a fantastic make up artist called Jose and his partner Sergio to do her hair!

As you can see by the images she went for three completely different looks all of them amazing !

I know who will be doing my make up and hair on my wedding day! Ok I know I need a man to get married but who knows it might happen and if it does they will be doing my hair

Fantastic job guys ! see you next month




British Celebrant here in Mallorca

After over 20 years in the Wedding Industry absolutely loving every part of it and experiencing all aspects, there was just one area I have wanted to move into for a long time; that is to be a Wedding Celebrant. Working hard in the past with my very wonderful friend, who is a state registered registrar and pushing my public speaking through groups and competitions, the time is now right to take that leap.

So as of today I am now available for your wedding on the beautiful Island of Mallorca, to create for you your own unique Ceremony that is full of all the little quirks that make the two of you so unique. At the end of the service you will be handed you own personal wedding certificate.

I am very excited about this new venture, any couples who book with me before the end of July will receive a free bottle of Champagne to toast their marriage  and 20% discount. Come on guys get booking – I cant wait 🙂

What Bikini body ?- with a job like mine!

Well summer has arrived in Mallorca, albeit a little later than usual. I had planned on putting on my bikinis and spending the evenings on the beach after working all day. For some reason my beach body is just not ready! Could this be due to the many menu  tastings I have endured in the last few weeks? When you spend over 4 hours a time tasting and rating food it really is a tough life ! Here is just a tiny sample of the many dishes I have tried, have I got a favourite, no not really. The standard of catering over here is really high ! I expect I will have to endure many more of these days to come. My beach body will just have to wait 🙂


A Very Royal Wedding !


I wonder how Meghan is feeling today ? Most brides are nervous, excited and incredibly happy the eve of their wedding day. They worry about lots of things, will my hair be ok, will the cake arrive in one piece,  will Uncle Bill get drunk and perform his party act, will Auntie Maureen wear something not quite correct for a wedding, little things. Maybe the most frightening – will I be stood up at the alter.

We all have our concerns and although it is very sad for Meghan that her father wont be giving her away, it is refreshing to know that things do not always go as planned, even for the biggest and most elaborate of weddings.

No matter how much organising is done beforehand, there are things that can not be controlled, this is a perfect example. When things do not go as planned we must remember the most important thing and that is why we are there, marrying the love of our lives

Meghan must now look forward to marrying her Prince!

Meghan and Harry we wish you both lots of love and happiness both tomorrow and in the many years you will be together, most of all…………I cant wait to see the dress 🙂 !!


I love my job

How can you not love a job where you meet a very excited Bride and Groom who are looking forward to a wedding cake tasting. The great thing about it as the professional it is my duty to try the cake too, to make sure they are making the right flavour choices. It would be rude not to – yum yum. And the icing on the cake , ( well besides the sugar paste ) is the wonderful view as we sit and chat

What is not to love ?

The dream begins……..

Last week I took a quick trip back to England to meet Sammy and Dom who are anxious to start the ball rolling for their wedding next year out here in the beautiful Island of Mallorca.

It was the first time I had met them, a lovely couple who could not contain their excitement. They shared with me their dreams and ideas they have for their big day. Now the excitement begins for me and my team looking for the perfect venue for Sammy and Dom, we have our instructions and we are ready to go with plenty of ideas that I am sure they will love.

If you are in England and have a dream to get married on the lovely Island of Mallorca, I am always happy to make the trip back to England to make your dream a reality!

Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca


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Alcanada – menu tasting

It’s not often I get jealous but let me tell you today I really did ! Joanna and Mark had their menu tasting for their August wedding and it was amazing ! The presentation was delightful but alas I didn’t get to taste it, the looks and response from Joanna and Mark confirmed that it tasted as good as it looked.

I did get to taste the dessert, as I think they were both very full, washed down with a glass of cava and it did not disappoint !

Have a look at these images and judge for yourselves

A selection of canapes

Monkfish in potato crust and prawns in crab sauce

Raspberry and tangerine sorbet

Beef tenderloin with wild mushroom sauce, potatoes and seasonal veg

Crème brule with red fruits and vanilla ice cream


Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca



Productive day in Puerto Pollensa

It was a fabulous productive day in Puerto Pollensa as we took Joanna and Mark to visit their florist for their marriage in August of this year. The flowers are going to be stunning, Joanna could not conceal her excitement!

Next a visit from our cake lady, Lesley from Puerto Soller, who gave Joanna and Mark some insight into some of the Mallorcan traditions she plans to incorporate into the cake design. I am really pleased as the bride and groom have chosen one of my favourite flavours for one of the tiers, I hope there will be a piece left for me !

Next we met up with Father Nigel who will be marrying this beautiful couple, he soon put them at ease and I am sure he will be just a pleasure to work with on the day.

We finished off with a lovely lunch under a gorgeous blue sky looking out over the Port. I left a very happy and excited couple to enjoy the rest of their day !


Lovely meeting in Palma

Thursday was a beautiful day here in Mallorca, the sun shone and the sky was so blue, after a lovely stroll on the beach with the dogs it was time to drive to Palma. We were heading to meet Dalius and Rita who are RD Photodesign, at a restaurant I had not been to before called Santosha. Ruth and Eran, the owners, could not have been more welcoming and were very happy to show us around ! What a lovely place and it even has its own in house cinema ! We had nibbles, which were delicious and beautiful presented. Dalius and Rita were excited to share with us some of their incredible photos and I am I could see why they were stunning. We talked a lot about the wedding industry and I can see they both have the same outlook as I do myself which I found refreshing. I love the way they catch the intimacy and emotion between the couples, stunning ! A great bonus was they have relocated on the Island from Leeds !!!! which meant we have both worked at many of the same venues back in Yorkshire!

Dalius and Rita, RD Photodesign

Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca is looking forward to working with Rita and Dalius at many weddings out here on this beautiful Island that is Mallorca and visiting Santosha and maybe even catching a movie!


Santosha –

RD Photodesign –

Fosh Catering and Finca Son Togores

Fosh catering

It’s great when suppliers work together well making a venue even more special than it already is and here is an example of that very thing;

Finca Son Togores

                                                              A place where each time of year is special

Access to the main house is through a beautiful stone cloister, presided by the majestic facade of 3 floors and a 
square turret. In addition, it has a chapel, a tafona, and a large garden terrace with a fountain in the center.

The views are wonderful. Fields of almond and carob trees are the scene of this fantastic terrace.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me and lets complete this partnership with your personal English and Spanish Wedding Planners, Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca




Mallorca coming to life………….

Mallorca is waking from its winter slumber, where many people have rested after last years busy season. The beginning of February sees many venues opening for the new season and finishing touches put to the venues opening their doors in March. Last week was really exciting as I met many new Wedding Suppliers and a few I already knew, catching up on what they have to offer for this years weddings. It’s a great feeling getting their services booked in preparation for this summers weddings.

I am so excited to b planning so many weddings this year and look forward to filling you in on some of the wonderful things in store for the Destination Weddings in Mallorca with Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca

Photo by Linsey Reeves

Christmas Weddings

I absolutely love Christmas Weddings and this is the first year for over ten years that I haven’t had one booked due to my location move, hopefully next year,

There is something so special about weddings at this magical time of year, everyone is feeling a little more joyful to create a wonderful atmosphere.

I always dreamed of a white wedding when I was a little girl and that included a white dress a white fur trimmed cloak and snow on the ground. Snow not being very practical in the real world though, as most things stop when a few snow flakes appear ! The benefit of todays weddings is that the whole celebration can be held in one location where guests stay warm and dry.

Another fabulous time of year for a wedding is New Years Eve, imagine you can invite all your friends and family and celebrate your wedding through the day into the evening and then seeing in the New Year with the most important people in your life ! The party atmosphere is amazing as not just your guests are celebrating but everyone around you is.

It is certainly a time of year to consider if you are planning a wedding next year. I would just like to finish off by wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a New year where all your wishes come true – from all the team at Priceless Weddings England and Mallorca

When (HRH) Harry met Sally

Back in 2010 a much younger Prince Harry passed his Helicopter Pilots exams in North Yorkshire and with the lads decided to have a celebratory drink in my local bar! As luck would have it I was there! I didn’t see him at first or even notice the group of attractive young men with him, which is not like me, He had to be pointed and he was sitting right behind me. Now at this time he was dating Chelsy Davy and they had been together on and off for a while, so me never wanting to let a business opportunity slip by I decided to go for it ! I walked over to his table and tapped him on the shoulder (as you do (NOT) to a Prince ) and said ” there is a rumour going round that you might be needing my services” er before any comments here I meant as a Wedding Planner !!!! I handed him my business card. He was a little embarrassed but very polite. Now just to show how things soon get out of hand with the press, I was even interviewed by the tabloids as to what I knew that no one else did! Still it was fun at the time and got me some publicity so I didn’t mind !

Now Prince Harry has met his Princess; Meghan and I would like to wish them both lots of luck for their future and Harry, you really should have kept my business card !

Alcanada Golf Club Visit

We have had a lovely week this week visiting the venue for a wedding we have booked in the Summer here in Sunny Mallorca. It is one of my favourite venues and as it was a beautiful sunny day it made it even better. It’s always Important to visit venues often as things can change quickly in this industry, as we found out, the events coordinator who was there last time had now been replaced with a lovely young man, so time to introduce our selves again. It’s also great to keep the bride and groom updated; it keeps their excitement going especially when you can confirm those little details that have them worrying and keep them on a positive path to their wedding day. I must admit it even got me a little excited for their big day as it is such a stunning venue.

We then went to meet the florist, a lovely lady who could not have been more accommodating and a vision of the day was now becoming clear.

The result of the day’s visiting venue and suppliers was very positive for both my team and the Bride and Groom, always a great feeling for all concerned.

looking forward ……..

I have often been asked if I can plan small intimate weddings here on this beautiful sunshine Island of Mallorca and now I am happy to say that at last I can ! I have the perfect venue for a wedding party of up to 30 people. The venue is completely private with separate areas for a wedding ceremony, reception drinks, and an area by the pool for the wedding breakfast or again in the grounds if preferred. Everything can be tailor made for your individual requirements. Any type of catering can be provided, street food, fine dining, traditional Spanish fayre, you name it !

The venue has stunning views over the Soller valley and the amazing Tramuntana mountains and is only five minutes by car to the beautiful Port Soller with its sandy beaches and lots of restaurants and bars. Boat rides are available from the port to some of Mallorca’s most picturesque bays. The famous Tram takes you form the Port to the town of Soller passing the abundance of orange and lemon trees on the way. Then if you want to go further you can take the old train through the mountains to Palma, a wonderful trip !


Contact me for more information either by;


telephone 07962342343

Finalist in the English Wedding Awards

It’s always a thrill to receive a nomination for such an award, having said that it is not something I go looking for. I don’t do this work to have my name in lights, I do it because I love it and I love seeing the faces of two very happy newlyweds and their family and guests. It is not about me its about them! I am however very proud that some of my clients thought highly of me enough to put me forward in Wedding Planner of the Year -Yorkshire Region -awards;

What happens next?
Now that you have reached the finals we encourage you to send supporting evidence.
Supporting evidence allows us to have a greater insight to your company.
This, along with the original number of nominations received, goes towards an independent panel of people who will review when deciding on the winner.
Supporting evidence can be anything that you feel would make the company stand out against the others within your category. This can include (but not limited to) company history, customer reviews, great PR coverage, charity work etc.

If you have anything you would like to add for me to forward please send to my Email; many thanks

New Chapter

Yesterday was a mile stone for me, my last wedding doing wedding décor! The wedding décor and chair cover side of my business has now been sold. I have become very disillusioned with the wedding industry, I went into it because I loved passing on my experience and guidance to brides and grooms, helping to give them the best day ever. I always gave that little bit more than required if needed. Now I am finding that the competition I come across not only cut me in price but lack the care and attention needed for weddings. Today it is all about the money, even the venues are trying to get as much money out of the bridal party as possible. It makes me very sad………..BUT I would like to tell you about my new chapter; I am moving to Mallorca with my 2 dogs and 4 dining chairs. I still want to be involved in weddings but only as a wedding planner or advisor and will always be more than happy for a trip back to blighty, a chance to visit the family at the same time.

I want to share with you some images of my last wedding at The Old Swan, where I have been a regular sight there walking up and down the hotel. IMG_4073

Thank You

Most wedding professionals really take a pride in their work and want the ‘Wedding Day’ of their bride and groom, that they have got to know over the past months, to be perfect in every way. I certainly go the extra mile and I am sure many others do too. We answers emails late at night over the weekend and barely take a day off. I can’t talk for others but I certainly don’t do it for the money, I do it because I love my job and get a great thrill from making someone’s wedding day perfect.

It gets harder each year as many people jump on the band wagon hoping to make some extra money from weddings, cutting prices and not delivering as they should but by then it is too late for the Bride and Groom.

Yesterday I got a lovely thank you card from Amy and Robert, it is these little gestures that make my job worth while. Sadly these are getting less frequent being replaced by the odd text or rushed email.

So when its your turn to get married please don’t forget the professional who went above and beyond to make your day perfect and make the effort to send a card or something just to say ‘thank you’


Destination Wedding

Way Back in February I had an enquiry from a lovey couple from the USA. They were looking for a wedding planner here in England to plan their wedding,due to take place on 4 July 2017 (independence day) . They had already been to Yorkshire and had chosen their venue and luckily for me they had chosen the beautiful Swinton Park in Masham. I did wonder what had brought them to Yorkshire to get married and I was informed at a later date that Carol’s (the bride) grandparents were from Yorkshire before they emigrated to America and as both sets of parents had passed away, it was something that made her feel close to her roots. Well they had certainly chosen a delightful venue in a truly stunning Yorkshire setting.

It wasn’t clear cut for me though, I had competition to actually secure their booking and had a string of interviews via Email and Skype, not something I am used to but it put me to the test which never harms. At last all the paper work was signed sealed and delivered, ( I can hear a song coming on !!). Carol and Alex, (the groom to be) booked a visit to Swinton Park for a week in April to meet suppliers and confirm bookings. So my work started in full swing, arranging appointments and a choice of suppliers for Carol and Alex to meet and hopefully find what they were looking for. It was a manic week, I accompanied them on all appointments and the week flew by. By the end of the week most suppliers were chosen the menu tasted and approved and I had gained two new friends.

I wanted Carol and Alex and all their guests to experience Yorkshire and England in true British style with all our quant little traditions. To start the day off we had the London Bus to collect the guests to take them to the church, St Francis Xavier Church Richmond. The church and of course the beautiful town of Richmond is rich in Yorkshire beauty and in true Yorkshire fashion – it rained! Did it spoil the day – let me tell you NO. We had the wonderful Fr. Dan O’Neill, a great character who made the service so beautiful, helped by Pavilion String Quartet and the talented Penny Davis for her extraordinary voice and Simon Dearsley for his beautiful talent on the organ.

Then back to Swinton Park for the guests on the double decker bus,( supplied by Wensleydale Omnibus company)as the Bride and Groom returned in their Bramwith wedding ca, (r from TPJ Wedding Cars). On my return trip I spotted a very British Red Telephone Box and suggested to Ruth Mitchell (the fabulous Wedding Photographer whose small video is shown below) she might want to stop off for a quick snap, great photo!

Some great images were captured by Ruth Mitchell and Emma from Story of your day, even though it still rained, it really didn’t stop everyone from enjoying themselves, the stunning venue that is Swinton park had all the guests in awe

The Wedding Breakfast was divine and was a very joyous occasion with a touch of sadness for those not there. A POW table was set for one in the corner, ( I will talk about this in my next blog), photographs of loved ones lost set near by. This, however, did not spoil this truly happy event. After the formal speeches were over the floor was open to guests, I have not actually seen this before but it was a lovely touch, one I may use again. then of course cutting of the cake.

Once this was done we were straight into the dancing opening up with God Bless America celebrating the 4 July – then straight onto the first dance, which was stunning! Jon Starkey was the DJ and the music and dancing just went on and on…………………….


Transport – guests Wensleydale omnibus
Transport – B&G a touch of class wedding cars
Florist / table decs joanna – Twisted Willow
Venue Swinton Park
Cake Krista Cakes
Videographer Emma – Story of your day
Photographer Ruth Mitchell
Hair/makeup Styled by Becci
Entertainment – church Pavilion Strings – Isobel Wesling
Entertainment – church Organist – Simon Dearsley – Singer Pennie Davies
Entertainment – evening Jon Starkey – Exclusive entertainments
Grooms party suits Harrogate suit hire
Wedding Planner Priceless Weddings


James and Sarah Wood

I was very honoured to be approached by a young man I have known since he was a little boy, ( a bit of a handful is how he was best described). Honoured because he has grown into a successful young man who has high standards in everything he does, so to come to me to help him with the most important day in his life was quite something. Let me tell you this young man and the gorgeous bride he was marrying had very specific ideas of what they wanted for there big day. At first I thought it all sounded a bit over the top but the more I got to see their ideas develop the more I could see their vision and release it was going to be stunning and it certainly did not disappoint. Of course the suppliers and venue you are given to work with do make a difference. Rudding park, as usual did not disappoint. We were lucky enough to have Caine’s of Harrogate doing the flowers. The very talented Justine from Mama Doreen’s making the cakes ! A new find for me; Linsey and James Reeves, I just found their photos amazing you will be able to judge for yourselves.

Before I share the photos with you, a few kind words from James and Sarah

Sally was the perfect planner for our day. We wanted a very different style of wedding, and most planners we spoke to didn’t get our theme and were not able to help us achieve the style and look we were aiming for. Sally worked closely with us, our suppliers, and the venue to make sure everything happened as planned, on time, and the day went off without a single glitch. Sally is excellent at keeping the day on track, organising guests,  and she made sure we had nothing at all to worry about. Highly recommended! James & Sarah

And from the photographers; Andrew and I had an amazing day photographing at Rudding, and it was so good to deal with such a welcoming and relaxed wedding planner! It really does make our job easier and much more enjoyable 😊 Xx They really are a talented couple, who have also just got married – Congratulations guys !


Chair covers – which will you choose

The thing with weddings is the amount of choice out there today and that includes chairs! Do you have the venues chairs, which are usually drab coloured conference chairs or hire in the pretty looking stone washed chairs or cover the conference chairs with a choice of covers and lots of different coloured sashes, many brides now choose chair covers. Then its more choice what type of cover, what colour scheme. Then who to chose to set them up. So don’t just think anyone can put chair covers on because there is more to it than that. A good supplier needs to understand how weddings work and be able to work with other suppliers knowing what to do when things do not go to plan. This is why you need to pay a professional, I could tell you many stories of when I have had to step in to save the day when couples think they are getting a ‘good deal’.

Have a look at some of the amazing images of just a few of our chair covers.


A truly worthy cause

Today I am veering away from Weddings slightly by sharing with you a wonderful story of a young woman I have the pleasure of knowing. A very pretty young lady in her 20’s who has a heart of gold. When other girls her age are thinking about their next night out Aurora is thinking about where the next meal is coming from for her new friends in Uganda…..

About Aurora Children’s Foundation

In 2010 Aurora worked on the Paediatric Oncology Ward at the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda. She was saddened to see that as well as battling cancer, many of the children were having to cope with malnutrition. The UCI was the only place in Uganda able to treat people from low income backgrounds. Unable to afford the daily commute to the hospital, rural parents were forced to give up work to be with their children. This devastating loss of income meant parents became unable to afford to feed their families. As a result these very sick children were dying of malnutrition – something completely preventable.

Deeply moved by what she saw, Aurora felt compelled to do something. Using her skills as a nutritionist she designed a menu for the patients that was affordable, tasty and nourishing. Working with a Kampala-based food supplier, Aurora sourced locally available foods for the menu to ensure that the local economy was supported in addition to the families.

Today, the ACFN works with the Uganda Cancer Institute to help provide three meals a day for every child on the ward. Nourished and with full tummies, the children no longer have to worry about feeling hungry.


“My life changed following my time in Uganda. I had to do something to support these brave children and their families. Now, not only do the children benefit from eating nourishing food, they have something to look forward to – their mealtimes.

The work we do also has a positive effect on the families. Parents can put their time and energy in supporting their children through their illness, rather than worrying about how to find them food. Children with cancer have enough to deal with. They should not be going to bed hungry. I want to put a stop to it.”

£10 will feed a child suffering from cancer and malnutrition, three meals a day for one month

……….So she has now decided to organise a ball to raise much needed funds and this is where we can all help this dedicated young lady by buying tickets to her ball, if you cant do that why not give a donation, sponsor a course or donate to the Auction.

Aurora Children’s Foundation Spring Ball

Saturday 13th May 2017

The Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road,

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 2SR

7:30 pm – 1am

A table for ten at the event will cost £450. Individual tickets are also available and cost £45 per person.

If you have any questions about the ball, please do not hesitate to contact us at or click on our website

The beautiful Garden Room at The Old Swan

I wanted to share with you these gorgeous images of the Garden room at The Old Swan Hotel Harrogate. Jon Starkey @ and Priceless Weddings work together creating a fantastic lighting canapé with beautiful drapes, recommended suppliers by the hotel. It creates both a party atmosphere and also stays in keeping with a wedding! The photos speak for themselves;



Then on to the evening and Jon can surprise everyone with his stunning star cloth and dance floor


Don’t Forget Priceless Weddings also are the recommended supplier for Chair covers so I hope to see you soon

Sally and Steph


Goldsborough Hall Wedding

I just wanted to share with you a few images from the wedding at Goldsborough Hall in July this year. Photos by husband and wife team the very talented Nic and Nick Prescott-white @ photegenick. Thank you to Sarah, the lovely Bride for sharing them with me.



A huge loss

It has been quite a while since I have updated anyone on my blog, this is due to my mum being ill leading to her passing away. It has been a very difficult time for me, luckily I have a great team around me who have been able to support me and carry on my work with the same high standard I adhere to.

A few snaps here of the wedding I planned and dressed at Goldsborough Hall earlier in July this year.




Ladybird Bridal


I love all things wedding and I want to share a small sample of this stunning new collection,

216014216018216024316007Ladybird 316003416027Ladybird 416011Ladybird 416029

Oh my goodness, which is your favourite ? I really don’t know……………………………………


Wedding in the beautiful mountains of Soller

I want to share with you these beautiful images of Laura and Laurence’s wedding.






Classy Private Venue W1PW

What a beautiful day we had visiting this classy fully restored 15th Century Mansion. We were made very welcome as we toured this little known treasure. Each time we turned a corner our breath was taken away by the beautiful rooms and surroundings. It boasts a 300 year old garden, with shady terraces and orange trees. Amongst all this tranquillity and historic charm it also has the most beautiful swimming pool with which to relax.

For all you wine lovers out there it also has its own vineyard which produces its own wine Chapren – certainly a must try whilst dining in their gourmet restaurant.

With 25 spacious bedrooms and suites this is the ideal location for your wedding


  • Built Year: 1400
  • Last renovated in: 2011
  • Nr. of rooms: 25
  • Nr. of floors: 2
  • Property type: Hotel
  • Hotel class: 5 *****

Classy Private Venue W1PW

What a beautiful day we had visiting this classy fully restored 15th Century Mansion. We were made very welcome as we toured this little known treasure. Each time we turned a corner our breath was taken away by the beautiful rooms and surroundings. It boasts a 300 year old garden, with shady terraces and orange trees. Amongst all this tranquillity and historic charm it also has the most beautiful swimming pool with which to relax.

For all you wine lovers out there it also has its own vineyard which produces its own wine Chapren – certainly a must try whilst dining in their gourmet restaurant.

With 25 spacious bedrooms and suites this is the ideal location for your wedding



  • Built Year: 1400
  • Last renovated in: 2011
  • Nr. of rooms: 25
  • Nr. of floors: 2
  • Property type: Hotel
  • Hotel class: 5 *****

Beach Wedding – SE1PW

Finding a good location for a beach wedding is difficult and I have been asked many times about them. In the high season the beach is open to everyone so even though we can create an area for your wedding, we can not stop holiday makers from swimming by or standing and watching or even playing ball ! BUT last week I found the perfect spot and could not be happier! The best part of it besides its fantastic location is it is within reach price wise to everyone! The photos below will say much more than I can ;

photo 1photo 2photo 4photo 3cala 2cala 5Calacala4cala3cala 6cala 7

It’s that time of year ……..

I love this time of year as this is when the Wedding season gets into full flow. If you are thinking about your future wedding day and the sun is shining you might be thinking about a wedding in a Marquee or perhaps a tepee or similar. There are lots of choices out there so do make sure you do your homework. Do not be under any illusion that a marquee wedding will be a cheaper option than a hotel venue as catering can be quite expensive. The plus side is though that you can do what ever you want regarding food, eat when you want, party when you want, have the day in what ever order you want. There are lots of great ways of keeping the menus inexpensive eg who doesn’t like sausage, mash, peas and gravy ? I did one where we had a beautiful selection of larger than normal canapés, ( I call them two bite canapés ) followed by fish and chips and then strawberries and cream, cheese and biscuits and of course Wedding cake. A word of warning though if you do lots of things together as a family do make sure you have lots of staff on the day to orchestrate it for you. Never assume someone will ‘just’ do this or that for you as ‘just’ is one of the words that takes a long time. To make your day run well I would advise you have a Wedding Planner to run the day, preferably someone who can be the Toastmaster too. This will take so much pressure of the Wedding party and ensure things don’t get forgotten, ( like the bride and Groom who found the desserts still under the table waiting to be served the next day). I have put together a few lovely images of marquee weddings I have overseen, enjoy !

150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-104150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-92

150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-81wedding planner

wedding ceremonymarquee weddingimage

Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding

marquee weddingMarquee

pinkphoto (78)


toastmastergrouppork piegirlschickensDIY village hall wedding


outside chairs (2)photo (64)boothmarqueewed fast 2cut cake


Mallorca Events Planning & Team Coaching with Sports

Does your company or business have regular team building and team coaching sessions but are looking for something different ? Well I have found the perfect solution, Stella and Bernie from Mallorca Events planning have some fabulous events lined up for the perfect team building sessions, which include; Sailing, Golf and Yoga for starters.

They have also come up with a way that you, the boss, can try some of these events prior to making a decision about booking a session for your team. What a better excuse for a weekend away in the sun in beautiful Palma on the Island of Mallorca.



M. Stella Mattia <>

Bernie Policano <>

Monnaber Estate Soller


Monnaber Estate in Soller Majorca saw the wedding of Lauren and Laurence in this beautiful venue in the Tramuntana Mountains around Soller on Saturday lunchtime.

Arriving early on Saturday I was greeted by an excited Groom and his groomsmen who were eagerly waiting to offer their services to set up the wedding! I soon put them to work putting the tables and chairs up.

beforeboys working

Once they were all ready we put the table cloths on and set to setting them up – lots of volunteers to help. The talented and gorgeous Russell had done all the hard work making and coordinating the centre pieces.

table 1

With the Ceremony all set up it wasn’t long before the guests began to arrive to a refreshing glass of Cava to start the celebrations off ! The lovely Shirley, (the celebrant) soon arrived to perform the ceremony. The Groom was really relaxed and so excited – lovely to see. The groomsmen and the groom looked very stylish and very handsome in their jacket less suites. I made a visit to the Bride – who was relaxed and looking incredible in her beautiful off white dress which enhanced her amazing figure, her loosely put up hair by Tommy the local hairdresser in the Port. This being Majorca one of the taxis was late with an important guest – grandma ! We held back with the ceremony for this important guest to arrive.

groomgroom sky

Checking the weather !

relaxed brideShirley


ceremonyceremony 5

ceremony 4ceremony 3

Sangria awaited the New Bride and Groom and Guests after the ceremony and unfortunately the rain, which didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits at all ! Canapés were served to accomplice the sangria. We let the rain pass by then did a quick turn around with the tables, wet cloths removed replaced with dry ones. The sun came out in the beautiful blue sky making the surrounding mountains glow in beautiful colour.

IMG_3224card tablewed bfast 1wed bkfast

wed fast

The sun shone brightly over everyone, as they tucked into a tasty buffet made by the father of the Groom, The speeches were all greatly received !

wed fast 2

The cake was cut whilst the band was setting up. Lots of dancing and drinking went on into the evening as the day finished with much merriment, dancing and laughter ! A fabulous day -Congratulations Lauren and Laurence.

cut cakebride and me

Wedding Venue – Finca W5PW

On Saturday we made a visit to a gorgeous Finca on the West of the Island (W5PE). The weather was glorious and it helped to show this amazing venue off to its best advantage. Luckily it was in the process of being setup for a wedding that same day, so we got to see it at its best, (for wedding planners) we could really see how it really worked. And let me confirm for you it works really well!

The beautiful Monica showed us this amazing venue, there are lots of options for the ceremony from small intimate weddings to larger ones up to 300. The one that was being set up was for about 120. Again there are a couple of options for where to host your wedding breakfast and there is also space inside if you prefer or if it dares to rain ! Lots of space for caterers for the canapés and the main meal. Space is also in abundance for the evening dancing with a great ‘mama mia’ type dance floor and room for a large band with a permanent bar on site. Great comfy seating around the dance floor for when your legs wont jump about any more.

I love this place because it is just waiting for you to put your own personal stamp on it. I will let the photos speak for them self ;

LAS-ESENCIAS-17-150x150LAS-ESENCIAS-8IMG_0883IMG_0895LAS-ESENCIAS-13-150x150ZonaAperitivoBodasMallorcaLasEsenciasvioleta-minnick-photography6-150x150IMG_0888IMG_0894IMG_0897If you would like more details about this gorgeous venue you can contact me at; quoting W5PW



Hotel Visit SW4PW

On Thursday of this week we were invited by the lovely Marta to visit her stunning Hotel in the South West of the Island. We were made very welcome by this very professional yet very friendly young lady. She escorted us around the venue, her love and passion for this hotel shone through. She is very proud of where she works and she has every reason to be, it is truly stunning. As we arrived at the hotel, the bride from yesterdays wedding was gathering her things together. It was plain to see this Bride had had a wonderful time and of course Marta was there to give a helping hand.

This beautiful venue is situated in the South West overlooking the sea, the views are stunning! It is beautifully maintained and has a lovely feel about it. It was once a family home and I think the warmth it generates comes from that. There are lots of variations of how you can host your wedding here, different areas for the wedding vows, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening entertainment. It can also hold a small intimate wedding up to 100 plus!

The bedrooms are stunning with amazing views, some have their very own terrace overlooking the sea. It has only 21 bedrooms, therefore it is very quiet. I love this venue and am looking forward to working with Marta to make your wedding truly amazing !


  • CIMG0086CIMG0100CIMG0148FOTOS 038CIMG0162IMG_4196IMG_4188CIMG0166IMG_0867
  • Entrance VillaDSC_0992DSC_0768Playita hamacas
  • Superior 209IMG_0853SPA
  • Contact me at;

Ex Pats Business Lunch – part 2

Besides having a pleasant lunch in glorious sunshine and a beautiful setting, the company was great! I was also lucky enough to meet two very lovely people who own a fantastic events planning company.

Stella a very attractive bubbly lady and her business partner Bernie a handsome Italian, both have a very professional and welcoming way about them. You know instantly that any event they plan will be both perfect and a great experience.


Stella Mattia

Bernie Policano

Bernie Policano

Straightaway I wanted to tell so many of my links on LinkedIn about their wonderful events, perfect for team building events – taking them to a whole new level, I will certainly be passing on their details to many work associates. Imagine having team building events in Majorca with this great team incorporating a range of sporting events, your work force will love you. Finishing off with a great cocktail party.



A great team, I am looking forward to a future collaborating with this company and using the skills we all possess to make your event fantastic!


Ex Pats Business Lunch

We all get invites to join this type of group and wonder whether they are worth attending. As a new Ex Pat in Majorca I had nothing to lose, at least I would get to visit a new venue and maybe meet some interesting people. I wasn’t disappointed.

I met two very attractive young ladies called Alice and Imogen Tod who have the perfect recipe for a great life. They have a private catering company called, (surprisingly) Tod Sisters and reside in Majorca over the Summer months, returning to England in the Winter.

alice imogen

Their love of catering started at a very young age, watching and getting involved with all the wonderful social gatherings they had as a family. Their father was also a foodie and that had a huge influence on their lives, they loved gathering and preparing local grown food. The passion these two ladies have for food shows in what they cook and how they cook it.

I am so looking forward to working with these lovely ladies and bringing their culinary delights to my future Bride and Grooms considering getting married in Majorca.



For more information about the Tod Sisters; www.todsisters,com,

Getting to know you

One of the nicest aspects of my job is getting to know the bridal party on the lead up to their wedding day. I have made many new friends over the years and it so nice when they keep in touch. Saturday was no exception !

The first wedding was at the old Swan and saw the marriage of John and Claire, a lovely couple I am so pleased they had a lovely day. They dressed the poles in the Old Swan which looks great in the evening and chose the purples sashes.


Just down the road at The Sun Pavilion saw the wedding reception of Emma and Jonathan Kerr. Seeing the wedding party the day before sharing their excitement is a great honour

bullen family

I was lucky enough to be the wedding day Hostess – managing the day for this lovely family. Luckily the rain stayed away long enough for the photos and then it was time for the Aagrah to do their thing !


A great change to be having a curry for the wedding breakfast ! The room looked lovely with white sashes and pretty pink flowers.



They really made a handsome couple and Emma’s dress was truly stunning. It really was a pleasure to make their wedding day a day they will love and cherish 🙂








The Stunning bar made famous by The Night Manager

sa Foradada


viewForadada7-150x150Foradada6-150x150sa Foradada. 1sa Foradada. 2


It is truly stunning and was my favourite long before the very handsom Tom Hiddleston came along – but now -well……………………

Todays tip for destination weddings

For Grooms and their male guests; take a couple od extra shirts for the wedding day. It gets hot out there and it will be lovely to freshen up and put on a fresh new clean shirt !


Wynyard Hall Marquee

Back in February last year I had a lovely Email from Ananda who was organising a wedding celebration for her son Kartik and his soon to be wife Kavitha, asking me to plan their big day. The guest list was 350 people plus and the entertainment was fabulous.

After lots of planning I was thrilled at the result of this wonderful day at Wynyard Hall Marquee, I hope you will love the photos as much as I do !

Flowers by Kath @ “The Wedding Flower Company”

Photography by Michael @ “Michael Carruthers”

Chair Covers by Sally @ “Priceless Weddings”

150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-104150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-72

150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-76150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-25150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-68150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-81150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-94150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-92150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-60150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-22150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-81150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-123150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-125150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-130150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-142150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-201150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-183150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-237150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-338150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-506150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-419150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-426150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-409150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-551

A few Images to wet your appetite

Happy Thursday everyone – a few images to make you smile 🙂

hipotels 3hipotelshipotels 4hipotels 2hipotels7hipotels8

Venues in Mallorca – ref # N1PW

This week was the start of my search for fantastic venues on this beautiful Island. I already know of many but I want to search out that very special one. Saturday was not the best of days weather wise and after not being able to find our car, (don’t ask – men!) and two blisters later we set off in the heavy rain ! We visited one or two nice venues but I have to say I fell in love with this one – have a look at the images and tell me what you think.

golf alcanada 1golf alcanada 2golf alcanada 3golf alcanada 4golf alcanada 5golf alcanada 6jpegolf alcanada 7jpegolf alcanada

The amazing views from the terrace just took my breath away! The staff were both friendly and professional and the best part was prices started from as little as 90 Euros per head – minimum numbers in the high season 90. A really great venue.

Wedding Fair Season

Wedding Fair Season is in full swing, you will find me on Sunday 6 March at ;

wedding fair

Sunday 13 March At The Old Swan Hotel Harrogate



Finally Sunday 20 March at;


Come and visit me at any one or all of these lovely venues or even all of them – I am always happy to have a chat and give you lots of advice !


Church Wedding or Civil Ceremony ?

Now he’s popped the question and the ring is on your finger the next step is the Wedding. Have you always dreamt of that fairy-tale wedding but are not particularly religious ? Well I think I may have a solution, take a look at these photos and imagine your colours, your theme and most importantly you and your groom.

wedding canapecanapeceremony 4

ceremonyceremony 2

This beautiful Canapé can be set up in any wedding venue dressed with or without flowers, the ceremony can take place inside the four columns and under the canapé. It will make you both feel so special. The aisle can be dressed with beautiful flowers, candles or any personal decoration of your choice. It will make you feel like a princess and the ceremony mean so much more.

The photographs will look wonderful and will be a beautiful keepsake for you and your family.

Why not contact me for more details I will be more than happy to help.

A Selection of items to hire from Priceless Weddinga


Available to Hire


wedding canape


Wedding Canape – £450

Aisle Carpet – £45

Package – Wedding Canape, Base carpet, Aisle carpet, 100 Loose Chair Covers and sashes £850.00

Wedding Breakfast


Table Swags – £50 for top, cake and gift table

canape and drapes

Lighting Canapé and Pole dressing   £520  – Pole dressing £120

Table Centres



Martini Glass with Silk Flowers £30

Martini Glass with Fresh Flowers from £60


Candelabra with silk ball £45 – fresh from £75

Candelabra with silk wreath £35 – fresh from £60

Hydranger/Orchid Ball silk £55 Fresh from £100

sparlessmall sparkles


Crystal table Centres £45


Post Box £40.00

Chair Covers

photo 2 (4)

Loose Chair Covers £3.25 including a taffeta, satin or organza sash

photo 3

Fitted Chair Covers £2.25 including a taffeta, satin or organza sash



February the month of LOVE

The Spaces between your fingers were created so that another’s can fill the gaps between them

red heart

You Know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world

spanish bride

This year February is certainly the month for Love

First we have had Valentines day with proposals galore and if you didn’t get the proposal you wanted that’s ok because you have another chance on the 29 February when you can ask him.

So the question has been popped and the answer is yes what do you do now? My advice – enjoy the moment, don’t go rushing into making decisions about your wedding. Show off your ring! show off your man.

Take time to think about what you want, look at photos on the internet but look at real weddings and not at photo shoots that are not realistic. Don’t rush into buying lots of items until you have a clear picture of what you want otherwise you will be left with lots of things you don’t need,

Talk to  professional, they can help an advice you on aspects of your big day. We can help you save money and time.

This is a wonderful time, enjoy it with you partner and family!

Then we sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side and marvelled that we found each other

(Eric Dillard)

The Old Swan Wedding Show Case

Thursday evening saw the first of 2016 wedding show case evenings at the Old Swan Hotel Harrogate, which was a huge success.Priceless Weddings, The Wedding Flower company and Exclusive Entertainments dressed the Ball room and Garden room for a wedding and I have to say it looked stunning! We also have put some fabulous packages together to make it easier for future Brides and Grooms to organise their weddings.Have a look at some of the images i am sure you will agree !

100 Loose chair covers and any one of the following for up to 10 tables – top table long and low – table swags and Post Box Fresh Flowers £900 – silk flowers £600

martinmartini2canape and drapes

Lighting Canape with drape pillar covers £520


Wedding canape with cream aisle carpet and wedding canape carpet 100 loose chair covers and lanterns £850

wedding canapecanape

Watch this space for more packages coming soon.




Did you know this year is a leap year?

Yes ladies this year is a leap year, which means February has 29 days, which means;

You do not have to wait for him to ask you to marry him,

You can ask him to marry you !!!



Some gorgeous chair covers to share with you

I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful covers from some of the weddings I did last year – they are stunning!creamgold lacelemon purplelemon silvernavy bluepav green1photo 1 (2)photo 1 (5)photo 1 (7)photo 2 (1)photo 2 (2)photo 2 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 2 (7)photo 3 (1)photo 3 (2)photo 3 (4)photo 3photo 5 (3)royal blue orgroyal bluewhitephoto 1 (8)photo 1 (9)photo 2 (9)photo 4 (6)photo 5 (5)

Which is your favourite ?

Online Weddings


At this time of year there are lots of happy couples newly engaged, (if you are one of these lucky people – Congratulations!) who are eager to start that wonderful journey to their wedding day. With the surge in use of our computers, tablets and telephones it is so easy to go online and see all the wonderful items available to purchase to make your wedding special. This is great news for newly engaged couples who are wanting to save money by buying directly. But is it ? I am involved in over 100 weddings a year and see some wonderful items purchased but what I also see is so much stock purchased when it is really not needed. Brides, their family and friends often get carried away at the thought of a bargain. I cringe when I see the amount of waste, purchases that could be hired at a fraction of the price. The thought process being the items can then be sold on EBay or other similar sites. Great idea, although everyone has the same idea so these sites are flooded. In the end these savings are not really savings.

Then brides can be tempted to purchase that wonderful dream wedding dress directly from China. The photos on the websites looks amazing !! What could go wrong ? Lots ! When the dresses arrive it is heart breaking to see they are nothing like the photo. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you want a bargain dress, consider second hand, you can always have it altered slightly to make it feel new and special for you, (have sleeves added or a special belt) or visit you local wedding dress shop who will have end of season ranges on offer.

It’s a minefield out there but also fabulous too, so enjoy your wonderful journey and keep up to date by reading my blogs and I will continue to give you plenty of tips along the way. If you prefer I am available for personal consultations

See you soon

Sally Barber

Priceless Weddings



Some photos to share with you

Chris and Ali have given me permission to share these images with you – I love them I’m hope you will too 🙂

chris and ali1chris1chris and aliChris

chri and ali 2chris and ali 4

chris and ali 3chris and ali 5chris and ali 7

Goodbye 2015

As 2015 comes to an end it is a time to reflect on all that has been achieved this past year. Wow what a year !

I have had some tremendous weddings, met some truly beautiful people of whom I would like to thank for letting me a part of their very special wedding day.

I achieved two world records, nominated for three major wedding awards and joined forces with a wedding company in Majorca. My jess has gone off to university after working with me for four years but she will still be working for me in the holidays.

I have attached a few images of some of my brides, if you are one of my brides who hasn’t sent me a photograph yet – its not too late!

bride and groomphoto (67)claireB & G



yvetteChurch (3)11692499_928303970540965_4047441369315141633_n

Bride at Rudding Park

Bride at Rudding Park

photo 3 (12)bride1411692499_928303970540965_4047441369315141633_n


The Bide and me

The Bide and me

I am looking forward to 2016 as I am sure it will have so much to offer. I have yet to meet many new brides who will put their trust in me in making their big day so special. I have a bit of travelling backwards and forwards to Majorca this year, (that will be tough I know!)

So Happy New Year to one and all I look forward to meeting you and planning your big day,


Christmas Weddings

I love this time of year when we celebrate Christmas and also Christmas weddings! The atmosphere is already a happy party one and then to add to that the union of two people in love – perfect ! The scene is already set with beautiful colourful decorations so not much is needed in the form of dressing the venue. There are no expectations regarding the weather, so a dry sunny day is always a bonus but with the option of getting married and celebrating at the same venue means the weather is not so important.

This year I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the weddings I was helping with, Christian and Ali were married at The Old Swan hotel. It was a fabulous wedding and I had a great time so Thank you Chris and Ali   🙂

table swags           garden room

Chris and Ali

Chris and Ali

cutting the cake

cutting the cake


The Bide and me

The Bide and me



This time last year – part three (the wedding day)

It finally arrived Monday 23 February 2015.

I was very excited, not a bit nervous, I knew everything was organised so I knew there was nothing to worry about! The first thing on my list was to meet the staff who were on duty that day at Rudding Park. I found out we were working with the gorgeous Amy and the handsome Craig, they were both feeling a little nervous but I soon reassured them and after my initial meeting we were all ready to ‘get the show on the road’

The suppliers began arriving and the room began to take shape, chairs arrived thanks to Blacks event hire, flowers were taking shape on the stair case, ( thank you Colette). The cake arrived courtesy of Mama Doreen’s

Rudding park flowers325mama doreens

The bridesmaids and ushers began arriving and registering in to our check in desk where my girls were doing a great job of counting all the official bridesmaids and ushers


The bride and groom began to get ready, the flowers and table decorations with Kath from The Wedding Flower Company began to arrive

020522815the brideThe groomthe bride 1the groom 1the bride 3the groom 3

More tables and centres set and ready – chair covers by Priceless Weddings

'Quality Chair Covers'

‘Quality Chair Covers’


More fantastic cakes arrived, a cake of cheese from The Cheese Board and a pork pie cake from Wilsons Butchers


Everyone had now arrived so it was time for the briefing

241best mengirls671briefingpriceless weddings

The choir was in place, (rock up and sing), the bride was ready, the groom was ready, the ushers and bridesmaids were ready to walk down the aisle two by two. The three pageboys and Tim Hardy taking photographs of the day

tom hardychoir (2)groom 4bride 4sons 3

Last minute words of wisdom !

wedding consultant

My beautiful friend Anita, the registrar, was waiting for the bride so she could conduct the ceremony; here comes the bride – oh and of course the groom was waiting too !

b& dadIDO

Mr and Mrs




We did it !!!! 136 Bridesmaids 97 Ushers

say cheese625


menushers 5

And so the media and interviewing began – did I get interviewed – no I was too busy getting the party started !!

charl leeminginterview 1interview

Lets get the party started ;

lukekiss kiss718766mum

mr & mrsfirst dance881969967

It was a fantastic day and a beautiful wedding – thank you to all involved especially my wonderful team

photo 1[2]Priceless Weddings England and Majorca Wedding Planner

WR photo 1Thank you’s to;

Rudding Park Hotel – host

Abbi Lewis – Confetti and Lace – alterations and media

Alfred Angelo – wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses

Cameron Ross – suits

Tim Hardy – photography

The Wedding Flower Company – wedding party flowers and table decorations

Colette (Rudding Park Flowers) – entrance flowers

Luke Howells – magician

Mama Doreen’s – wedding cake

The Cheese Board – cake of cheese

Wilsons Butchers – pork pie cake

Blacks event Hire – chairs

Optimum Fireworks – fireworks

Rock up and sing Choir – choir



Are you having a DIY wedding ?

Wedding Day Management

Have you spent many weeks or even months planning your perfect day?
You have a vision of how your perfect day will be ?
Have you got all the pieces of the jigsaw, that is your wedding day?
Who is going to put the pieces of your jigsaw together?
Whether you are having a wedding in a Village Hall, Marquee, Tippee, at home or in fact any where !
Priceless Weddings can offer;
Priceless Weddings Majorca
  • Crisis management, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Your wedding venue dressed
  • Liaise with wedding suppliers
  • Liaise with caterers
  • Dress the Bride
  • Calm the bridal party
  • Meet the Groom at the church/venue, ensure the Grooms party knows what to do and are correctly attired
  • Ensure the service begins as scheduled
  • Return to the reception venue
  • Prepare and meet the wedding party and guests
  • Guide the guests and the bridal party through the drinks reception through to the wedding breakfast
  • MC the whole day
  • Be there for those little personal moments
  • Organise the transformation from day to evening
When the evening party gets started that’s when my job is done and its up to you to enjoy yourselves!
Contact me for a no obligation free 30 minute consultation

Venue Dressing

Wedding dressing

wedding stationery



Dressing the Bride

dressing the bride




wedding tradition

Priceless-Heart (3)
Bride and groom rudding park

Your Wedding Friend


Something Different!

A few weeks ago an old friend (as in I’ve known her a long time – not that she is old!) of mine put a request on face book for someone to announce the winners at the Morton Horse shows annual awards evening.

As  I used to spend many days at my local pony club as a girl and felt I wanted to give something back, plus this is something I am trained to do as part of my Toast Master training , I volunteered.

I have to say I had a fabulous evening and made some new friends! A quick look at the photos !

awardsawards 1


‘Hi , can I just say thank you once again for Saturday night , everyone loved you and asked if you were doing it again in 2016 lol,’


Weddings in Majorca

Welcome to the beautiful island of Majorca, where your English Wedding Planner will make your Dream Wedding a reality!

This beautiful Island boasts over 300 days a year of sunshine, it is only a short plane ride away, probably quicker to get to than a drive from one end of England to the other. Your guests can get here simply and cheaply, stay as little or as long as they like.



Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation can be done in England, at a place of your choice, where we can get the chance to learn more about you and your ideas and aspirations for your wedding. At the same time you can get to know us too.

Arrange and Source Venues

At Priceless weddings, (England and Majorca) we will source you a selection of beautiful venues, to either choose online or fly out to Majorca to view them for yourself. If you choose to fly out, we will source somewhere for you to stay, greeting you at the airport and transporting you to your accommodation. We will then be available to escort you to all the venues we have sourced, giving you personal guided tours.

Arrange and Source Suppliers

With the assistance of our resident team in Majorca, we will source you only the best suppliers the Island has to offer, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Expenditure Planning

Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will guide you through this minefield of numbers making sure you keep within your budget.

Venue Styling

We have a fabulous team of experts resident on the Island of Majorca, who with their knowledge of the Island  can advise you on works the best for the climate and type of wedding you choose.


Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will keep a record of all paper work and contracts so you do not need to worry.

Personal Time Line

We work out a timeline for the day of your wedding, this ensures everyone is working from the same timings and each family member, guest and supplier is at the correct place at the right time, ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Day Management

Priceless Weddings, (England and Majorca) will be with you on the day of your wedding, helping you into your dress, seeing you through the ceremony and your celebrations until your first dance, then the having fun is up to you! The team will also be setting up your venue ensuring all suppliers arrive and being on hand for crisis management.

Toast Master

Your own personal English Toast master for your special day. Announcing everything in English, so you and all your guests understand the format and directions of your wedding during your celebration.

luxury mordern venue luxury wedding venue

portal hills 1portal hills

golf course venueRustic venue

monument by the seacas xorc perfil

8.-wedding-cap-rocat4arrive in style

DSC_1424Weddings in Majorca



Libby and Pauls Wedding

You may remember the beautiful wedding that Libby and Paul held at the gorgeous Newburgh Priory, if not a little reminder;

Libby and Pauls wedding day

Libby and Pauls wedding day

We had the most amazing day and it was a huge support and help to us to know that the days running was safely in your hands. It simply wouldn’t have been the same without you and we are so glad that we decided to use priceless weddings. If you would like to use this quote or if we can write a recommendation for you on your site please let us know. We would like to recommend you to future brides and grooms.Again, a huge thanks to you both for your advice and for simply thinking of everything, and the gaps in between. Libby and Paul

This stunning wedding has been shown on, Rock my wedding, follow the link;

The images are stunning, very proud of my team, (especially Lucy), please take a look 🙂

Jeremy Vine – divorced wedding guests

Whilst working away on my computer today I was listening to Radio 2 as I usually do. Even though Jeremy Vine gets on my nerves after a while I still listen. Today one of the topics was divorced parents at your wedding. I listened to a couple of horror stories and was mortified !

My job as a wedding planner/ wedding day hostess/ toastmaster is to get to know my bride and groom plus their immediate family. I learn about their fears surrounding their big day. If there are any issues before the big day that need addressing, I will do this, being the neutral negotiator and doing my upmost to make everyone feel happy about all the arrangements for this very special day.

On the day itself, it is mine and my teams job to know exactly what is going on all the time, ensuring there is no one feeling isolated or any ill feeling is surfacing. It is not just the guests that need an eye kept on, it is the suppliers also, making sure they do not say or do the wrong thing.One of my main tasks as a wedding planner is Crisis Management.

Being a good wedding planner is about much more than just booking your suppliers, that’s the easy bit, the real skill is in people management.


This time last year – part two

Now I needed to source lots of other important aspects to make it a perfect day.

The wedding dress was offered again by Alfred Angelo which was amazing of them considering they had already given us 140 Bridesmaids dresses. Amy went to visit Abbi at Confetti and Lace to choose the dress and start the fittings. Meanwhile I was looking for that all important cake supplied by another friend of mine Justine at Mama Doreen’s. The cake was amazing, Amy was thrilled. Alex, however wanted something different, so I approached The Cheese Board and they were very happy to supply us with wedding cake of cheese and even one step further I managed to source him a pork pie wedding cake too from Wilsons Butchers

1517686_10153152085830844_1743124582764614054_ncheeseWedding Cake Pie (2)

Alex is a bit of a DJ and has lots of contacts so he was happy to source all the entertainment, I just helped out with the lighting by asking my good friend Jon Starkey to sort it all out for me and he did!

With Rudding Park sorting out all the food and drinks there was not much left to do, I just felt the evening needed finishing off with a bang and so I organised a huge firework display – Optimum Fireworks didn’t let us down!


Whilst I was doing this and planning the day to run like clock work, the girls were busy at Confetti and Lace fitting all 136 bridesmaids into their bridesmaids dresses and Yorkshire Menswear were fitting the 97 Ushers into their suites.



Now I was ready to go ! I had everything in place and the function sheet all set !



This time last year it all began…….

This time last year I was approached by a (crazy) friend of mine – Abbi Lewis! Her idea was to break two world records and she wanted me to be the wedding planner and toast master on the day.

Abbi is the owner of Confetti and Lace in Leeds and is always thinking of new things to do as her attention span is very short, she is always itching to try something new, she had a mini series made about her shop, she was recently on Come Dine with me and the list goes on ! So when she approached me with this I wasn’t in the least bit shocked.

Abbi had already approached Alfred Angelo to see if they would be happy to supply 140 Bridesmaids dresses to hit the World Record for the most Bridesmaids to ONE BRIDE AND ONE GROOM! then she approached Cameron Ross to see if they would supply suites for 100 Ushers to break the record for the most Ushers- and they said Yes!

So the ideas started to be knocked back and forth. Our first task was to find a venue, we started the list. Top of the list was Rudding Park Hotel and Spa. We approached them and the hard work to convince them it was a great idea began, a few stressful weeks later we convinced them !

So now we had an idea, outfits and a venue – now it was time to find a Bride and Groom. How could we do this- a competition was the way forward. Once the applications came in we interviewed. The moment we met Alex and Amy we knew they were the ones! Both outgoing, they couldn’t afford a big wedding, that was about to change. The great news was that they both had lots of friends, which of course was so important. So a date was set Monday 23 February 2015.

So the easy bit was now done, for me the hard work was about to begin. This was going to be a world record but most of all someone’s wedding and I was determined it would not become a circus. This meant many meetings with the Bride and Groom to ensure they got their dream wedding. That should have been straight forward but finding a window in Alex busy schedule was a nightmare! The idea of this wedding was that the suppliers would also give their services for free, a very big ask!

So- a photographer was sought and we decided on Tim Hardy photography, Tim was delighted to join out team, its all starting now ! The room had to look stunning so we turned to Black Event furniture for the perfect chairs for the ceremony and reception. To finish off the décor Kath from The Wedding Flower Company came to the rescue, she not only set up for the wedding day but also the night prior for the private pre – wedding dinner with the help of myself for chair covers

287Abbi and me

alex and amy ad mainAlex and Amy

'Quality Chair Covers'

Chair covers by Priceless Weddings

076Rudding Park

325815Decorations by the wedding flower company chairs from Blacks events

Part two to follow ……………………..

Welcome Back

Welcome back to my Blog page. It has been an amazing season and although it is 12 months a year the busy season is now over . I have had another fantastic year – so much achieved and so many beautiful (both inside and outside) brides. I have had one or two Bridzillas, (no names mentioned!) but it is all part of the job and great to see them mellow as time goes by 🙂

The thing that has stood out most for me this year is that you can truly make your wedding as individual as you are. I am so privileged to see so much love and happiness in my job it really does make all the hard work worth it!

Through out the next few months I have so much to talk to you about – so if you are planning your wedding next year please read my blog

Here are just a handful of my Brides and Grooms – I have been involved in over 100 weddings this year – so my apologies to the ones I have not displayed you are all very special and now own a place in my heart !

Lots of hugs to all – until next time 🙂



–  photo (67)photo 3 (12)bride18photo 1 (11)Church (3)11692499_928303970540965_4047441369315141633_n 11742870_932255820145780_3154287675736064324_n   11884724_956978971006798_1167352784793513757_o  12032169_970914102946618_3131270514456542504_n



B & Gclaie 1bride14yvette

A fabulous week !

Well this week has be another fabulous week.  Since my return from Majorca I had the honour of managing Susanna and Marks Wedding Reception at the Sun Pavilions in Harrogate. I have never seen such a happy couple before. Susanna never stopped smiling her beautiful smile. Susanna and Mark met 11 years earlier at school in Harrogate when their teacher made Mark sit next to Susanna in class, that was the beginning of an amazing journey which took a giant step on Saturday.

The room looked amazing due to lots of hard work by Susanna and her team. The bunting is a whole story in itself!!! I absolutely love overseeing weddings and being Toastmaster, its when I am in my element but I never forget who’s day it is and try and take any limelight, I just do what needs to be done with efficiency and very little fuss, having said that I do love it when I get lots of compliments by the guests as well as the bridal party, it makes all the hard work worth while! It was a fabulous day and I cant wait for the photos!

Later in the week I went to see Ananda in Durham whose son is having his wedding celebration at Wynyard Marquee, (wow an amazing venue). It is only one week away to this amazing event where I will play host to 350 guests! It’s an Asian wedding and Ananda has got me a beautiful sari to wear.

The sun shone on Thursday for the outside wedding for Sara and Mark at the Sun Pavilions! A lovely view into our wonderful Valley Gardens.

Today I was told I have reached the final of the North of England Wedding awards. I am thrilled that my bride and grooms voted for me because this means I succeeded in making their day special which is why I do this job ! 🙂

lots to do this next week and hopefully I will have some images for you too !

Adios Majorca – see you soon

What a wonderful trip I have just returned from. On the gorgeous Island of Majorca I met the team of girls who will be working with Priceless Weddings from Majorca. They are part of a well established wedding planning company who have a wealth of knowledge of the Island being able to advise the best venues and the best suppliers Majorca has to offer. From my base in England I will work personally with Brides and Grooms relaying their every wish to my team in Majorca.

The girls in Majorca will be there on your arrival to ensure your wedding day runs perfectly in every way. And if you prefer I will even accompany you to Majorca overseeing your wedding personally.


DSC_1595wedding-on-Mallorca---Castillo-Hotel-Son-Vida (2)8.-wedding-cap-rocat4

erika_gerdemark_photography_051 (2)

Weddings in Majorca


Weddings in Majorca


Welcome to Priceless Weddings in England and Majorca

What was the weather like in England this weekend for a wedding ? Did it feel like a summer wedding ?

I love England, it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We have some fantastic venues in the country side and town centres. We are the envy of the world with our quaintness and our traditions. The one thing we lack however, is the weather.

Long before I watched ‘ABBA’ the movie, I had been in love with the thought of weddings abroad and after ABBA, well I was hooked ! I have been visiting Majorca for many years and always loved the Island, now I have been given the opportunity to work with an established wedding company already based in Majorca. The idea; you come to me with your vision and your budget, ( let me stress at this point, a wedding in beautiful Majorca is within everyone’s reach! ) I will liaise with my colleagues in Majorca and we will come up with the perfect wedding for you.

Just a few snaps to wet your appetite, lots more information and images to come very soon.

image image image imageIf you would like any further information please feel free to contact me.


Marry me Majorca

On Thursday I landed on the beautiful Island that is Majorca ! I am here, not on holiday but to look at this Island as a place to get married.

My dream is to get married here, although I do need to find someone to marry first but that’s a different story ! I have travelled around Europe quite a bit and have found myself getting increasingly frustrated at the way Brits are treated when they come to these beautiful venues to be married. Don’t get me wrong they don’t have bad experiences but they could be made so much better. They somehow lose their personal touch as are usually booked through travel agents or such like and are a little bit ‘conveyor belt’ ! When I was in Italy I was amazed that there was no where to hang the wedding dress up other than in the room brides were sharing with the grooms. Little things like that upset me, ( yes I know, I need to get out more!) .It’s those personal touches I care about.

Recently I was approached by a company in Majorca to see if I would be interested in working with them, from my base in England to plan weddings for couples in Britain who would like to be married in Majorca. Of course I jumped at the chance- hence my trip to the beautiful Island of Majorca. I am here to check out the company, the venues and the possibilities and of course I am hugely excited at what I can achieve!

I am staying in Palma in a little boutique hotel right in the centre of the town, breakfast was a dream – fresh fruit , bacon and egg and scrummy freshly baked bread, a great start to the day. The sun is shining brightly and all is well. I plan to have a dip in the rooftop pool before I go off on my wedding venue sight seeing tour of the Island.

Keep watching for my blog updates and pass on to all you friends – Sally

Fabulous New Wedding Venue


image image image imageAS PROMISED SOME SNAPS OF THIS WONDERFUL DAY AND VENUE –photos by Heidi Sharpe photography

When my wonderful friend Anita approached me regarding a new wedding venue so close to where I live – I have to say I was very curios !

The venue is on the Ripon Road just as you are entering Killinghall where Tanya has set up her famous Cooking Fantastic – Kitchen Supply shop and cafe. Not only that but she also has a campsite.

So that was the foundation for a perfect wedding. Chris from Wills Marquee’s came do a site check, he loved it. He had a great vision!

Sarah and Jim have been together for over ten years – they wanted this wedding to be a celebration of their love as a family, ( they have twin boys of eight) . Lots of their friends have ch

Exciting new Wedding Venture

Watch this space as I unveil my new venture!

Bank Holiday weekend

     It’s been a very busy weekend;

2 Brides with the same first name

2 brides with the same surname

2 Brides with the same coloured chair covers

3 Brides at the same reception venue ! – phew !!!

The first wedding was at The Sun Pavilion !

The second at Acomb Village Hall, then The Old Swan Hotel x 3

I have a few images for you of the wedding at The Old Swan on Sunday by the very talented Jess 🙂




pav green photo 2 (4) photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

They are gorgeous aren’t they ?

Now for my photos you will notice they are not as good !

This was a lovely couple who married yesterday at The Old Swan – the bride chose yellow and it turned out to be a beautiful day for the wedding which was held outside followed by a BBQ

photo 1 (6) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (4)

B & G lemon lemon 4 lemon 3 lemon 2 lemon 1


I Do Awards images

Well last night saw the I Do awards at The City Hall in Sheffield. I didn’t win a trophy but I had a good night. Being nominated and then getting into the finals was great – thank you to all who voted for me 🙂 Our host for the evening was Jo Jo from Capital Radio, I have to say she was the best part of the evening she was very funny ! The food was a little disappointing but luckily my daughter and I had a lovely table with some lovely people on, I think we have made some new friends there !

From a professional angle, I did expect the organisers to make more of an effort to get to know us all and to introduce us to other people. I believe it lacked something there. I would have loved to get my hands on the occasion and put some oomph into the evening. The table decorations were lack lustre and were even being taken down before the end of the evening, There was a disco on from 10pm until 12.30 but most people left at 10.30, what a disappointment. I felt sorry for the DJ who was working to an audience of about 30 people. For the money and the effort put into going I don’t think I would be in a rush to go again.

Having said all that Charlotte and I made the most of the evening and had a lovely evening together. I hope you like the images.award award1 jojo jojoch ido

I Do Wedding awards

Great news I reached the final of the I Do Wedding awards – the finals are tonight in Sheffield – ooh I cant wait 🙂

I’ve got the dress, new shoes, everything! Its a shame my car isn’t driveable though 🙁

I will have lots of photos to share tomorrow – ooh exciting ! landscape (2)

Great Weekend

What a great weekend I have had;

First the wedding of;

Claire and Carl, they were married at Ripon Cathedral – how lovely! waiting for photos of that, then on to the Old Swan for the wedding reception, I was there to see them arrive. I have added some images for you to see 🙂

I did their chair covers and table decorations, they had, cream candelabras and pretty little vases of roses.It looked so pretty with loose chair covers and pink sashes. The top table and cake table was swagged and they had my lovely cream post-box. Congratulations guys claie 1 claire 1 claire 2 claire 4 claire claire 3

Welcome Back

Apologies for the long gap since I last updated you!

It has been an amazing few months – firstly with the Double World Record Wedding – which was a huge success !

I am currently working on my website so will get back to you as soon as I get organised I will start doing regular updates and catch up with the weddings I’ve done already !