Chair covers – which will you choose

The thing with weddings is the amount of choice out there today and that includes chairs! Do you have the venues chairs, which are usually drab coloured conference chairs or hire in the pretty looking stone washed chairs or cover the conference chairs with a choice of covers and lots of different coloured sashes, many brides now choose chair covers. Then its more choice what type of cover, what colour scheme. Then who to chose to set them up. So don’t just think anyone can put chair covers on because there is more to it than that. A good supplier needs to understand how weddings work and be able to work with other suppliers knowing what to do when things do not go to plan. This is why you need to pay a professional, I could tell you many stories of when I have had to step in to save the day when couples think they are getting a ‘good deal’.

Have a look at some of the amazing images of just a few of our chair covers.