Ex Pats Business Lunch – part 2

Besides having a pleasant lunch in glorious sunshine and a beautiful setting, the company was great! I was also lucky enough to meet two very lovely people who own a fantastic events planning company.

Stella a very attractive bubbly lady and her business partner Bernie a handsome Italian, both have a very professional and welcoming way about them. You know instantly that any event they plan will be both perfect and a great experience.


Stella Mattia

Bernie Policano

Bernie Policano

Straightaway I wanted to tell so many of my links on LinkedIn about their wonderful events, perfect for team building events – taking them to a whole new level, I will certainly be passing on their details to many work associates. Imagine having team building events in Majorca with this great team incorporating a range of sporting events, your work force will love you. Finishing off with a great cocktail party.



A great team, I am looking forward to a future collaborating with this company and using the skills we all possess to make your event fantastic!