Ex Pats Business Lunch

We all get invites to join this type of group and wonder whether they are worth attending. As a new Ex Pat in Majorca I had nothing to lose, at least I would get to visit a new venue and maybe meet some interesting people. I wasn’t disappointed.

I met two very attractive young ladies called Alice and Imogen Tod who have the perfect recipe for a great life. They have a private catering company called, (surprisingly) Tod Sisters and reside in Majorca over the Summer months, returning to England in the Winter.

alice imogen

Their love of catering started at a very young age, watching and getting involved with all the wonderful social gatherings they had as a family. Their father was also a foodie and that had a huge influence on their lives, they loved gathering and preparing local grown food. The passion these two ladies have for food shows in what they cook and how they cook it.

I am so looking forward to working with these lovely ladies and bringing their culinary delights to my future Bride and Grooms considering getting married in Majorca.



For more information about the Tod Sisters; www.todsisters,com, info@todsisters.com