Fabulous New Wedding Venue


image image image imageAS PROMISED SOME SNAPS OF THIS WONDERFUL DAY AND VENUE –photos by Heidi Sharpe photography

When my wonderful friend Anita approached me regarding a new wedding venue so close to where I live – I have to say I was very curios !

The venue is on the Ripon Road just as you are entering Killinghall where Tanya has set up her famous Cooking Fantastic – Kitchen Supply shop and cafe. Not only that but she also has a campsite.

So that was the foundation for a perfect wedding. Chris from Wills Marquee’s came do a site check, he loved it. He had a great vision!

Sarah and Jim have been together for over ten years – they wanted this wedding to be a celebration of their love as a family, ( they have twin boys of eight) . Lots of their friends have ch