When (HRH) Harry met Sally

Back in 2010 a much younger Prince Harry passed his Helicopter Pilots exams in North Yorkshire and with the lads decided to have a celebratory drink in my local bar! As luck would have it I was there! I didn’t see him at first or even notice the group of attractive young men with him, which is not like me, He had to be pointed and he was sitting right behind me. Now at this time he was dating Chelsy Davy and they had been together on and off for a while, so me never wanting to let a business opportunity slip by I decided to go for it ! I walked over to his table and tapped him on the shoulder (as you do (NOT) to a Prince ) and said ” there is a rumour going round that you might be needing my services” er before any comments here I meant as a Wedding Planner !!!! I handed him my business card. He was a little embarrassed but very polite. Now just to show how things soon get out of hand with the press, I was even interviewed by the tabloids as to what I knew that no one else did! Still it was fun at the time and got me some publicity so I didn’t mind !

Now Prince Harry has met his Princess; Meghan and I would like to wish them both lots of luck for their future and Harry, you really should have kept my business card !