It’s that time of year ……..

I love this time of year as this is when the Wedding season gets into full flow. If you are thinking about your future wedding day and the sun is shining you might be thinking about a wedding in a Marquee or perhaps a tepee or similar. There are lots of choices out there so do make sure you do your homework. Do not be under any illusion that a marquee wedding will be a cheaper option than a hotel venue as catering can be quite expensive. The plus side is though that you can do what ever you want regarding food, eat when you want, party when you want, have the day in what ever order you want. There are lots of great ways of keeping the menus inexpensive eg who doesn’t like sausage, mash, peas and gravy ? I did one where we had a beautiful selection of larger than normal canapés, ( I call them two bite canapés ) followed by fish and chips and then strawberries and cream, cheese and biscuits and of course Wedding cake. A word of warning though if you do lots of things together as a family do make sure you have lots of staff on the day to orchestrate it for you. Never assume someone will ‘just’ do this or that for you as ‘just’ is one of the words that takes a long time. To make your day run well I would advise you have a Wedding Planner to run the day, preferably someone who can be the Toastmaster too. This will take so much pressure of the Wedding party and ensure things don’t get forgotten, ( like the bride and Groom who found the desserts still under the table waiting to be served the next day). I have put together a few lovely images of marquee weddings I have overseen, enjoy !

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150815 Kartik Kavitha Marquee Wedding High Quality-81wedding planner

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Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding

marquee weddingMarquee

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