Jeremy Vine – divorced wedding guests

Whilst working away on my computer today I was listening to Radio 2 as I usually do. Even though Jeremy Vine gets on my nerves after a while I still listen. Today one of the topics was divorced parents at your wedding. I listened to a couple of horror stories and was mortified !

My job as a wedding planner/ wedding day hostess/ toastmaster is to get to know my bride and groom plus their immediate family. I learn about their fears surrounding their big day. If there are any issues before the big day that need addressing, I will do this, being the neutral negotiator and doing my upmost to make everyone feel happy about all the arrangements for this very special day.

On the day itself, it is mine and my teams job to know exactly what is going on all the time, ensuring there is no one feeling isolated or any ill feeling is surfacing. It is not just the guests that need an eye kept on, it is the suppliers also, making sure they do not say or do the wrong thing.One of my main tasks as a wedding planner is Crisis Management.

Being a good wedding planner is about much more than just booking your suppliers, that’s the easy bit, the real skill is in people management.