Lets Eat Cake

Wedding Cake, an important part of your Wedding Day but why do we have them?

The Wedding Cake was originally cut by the bride alone as it was a sign of her forthcoming loss of virginity. Later the groom helped the brise cut the cake, which they then both ate a piece before sharing it with their guests, it was to symbolize their union and their promise to provide for each other. Today some couples take this even further by pushing it in each other’s faces, not for me I don’t think.

Couples used to save the top tier of their Wedding Cake to either eat on their first wedding anniversary or a christening ceremony. This did tend to be when the Wedding Cake was made of fruit, of course as many cakes are flavoured sponge cake these days this wouldn’t work today.

The white Icing used on many cakes was a sign of how rich you were, the whiter the icing the richer the couple were.

Today Wedding Cakes come I all shapes, sizes, colours, flavours and even types! The main reason these days seems to be for another photo opportunity, although there is no denying how beautiful todays cakes are and well deserved taking a very central stage

What about the alternatives? I have planned weddings where the bride and groom have had cakes made of cheese, pork pie wedding cake, profiterole cakes and even a cheese cake, (which I had to hold up as it was slipping off it’s stand)

Which Wedding Cake will you choose ?