After reading lots of Posts on Social Media, I have noticed that the most difficult part of planning a wedding, for couples living outside Mallorca, is actually sourcing their ideal venue.

Here at Priceless Weddings England and  Mallorca we would like to make those first steps so much easier for you. With our knowledge of Weddings and Mallorca we will help and advise you. Just tell us what your dream venue requires and we will do all the leg work for you in finding your perfect spot.

We will send you list of venues, you make a short list, we will meet you here in Mallorca and visit the venues with you. Rosario will do all the translating so nothing is missed in translation and all your questions will be answered.

If you then feel you would like to continue working with us as your wedding planners we will the use your payment as your deposit and deduct it off the final payment

Just a taster for you of the many beautiful venues waiting to be explored, Contact me for more details.