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At this time of year there are lots of happy couples newly engaged, (if you are one of these lucky people – Congratulations!) who are eager to start that wonderful journey to their wedding day. With the surge in use of our computers, tablets and telephones it is so easy to go online and see all the wonderful items available to purchase to make your wedding special. This is great news for newly engaged couples who are wanting to save money by buying directly. But is it ? I am involved in over 100 weddings a year and see some wonderful items purchased but what I also see is so much stock purchased when it is really not needed. Brides, their family and friends often get carried away at the thought of a bargain. I cringe when I see the amount of waste, purchases that could be hired at a fraction of the price. The thought process being the items can then be sold on EBay or other similar sites. Great idea, although everyone has the same idea so these sites are flooded. In the end these savings are not really savings.

Then brides can be tempted to purchase that wonderful dream wedding dress directly from China. The photos on the websites looks amazing !! What could go wrong ? Lots ! When the dresses arrive it is heart breaking to see they are nothing like the photo. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you want a bargain dress, consider second hand, you can always have it altered slightly to make it feel new and special for you, (have sleeves added or a special belt) or visit you local wedding dress shop who will have end of season ranges on offer.

It’s a minefield out there but also fabulous too, so enjoy your wonderful journey and keep up to date by reading my blogs and I will continue to give you plenty of tips along the way. If you prefer I am available for personal consultations

See you soon

Sally Barber

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