This time last year it all began…….

This time last year I was approached by a (crazy) friend of mine – Abbi Lewis! Her idea was to break two world records and she wanted me to be the wedding planner and toast master on the day.

Abbi is the owner of Confetti and Lace in Leeds and is always thinking of new things to do as her attention span is very short, she is always itching to try something new, she had a mini series made about her shop, she was recently on Come Dine with me and the list goes on ! So when she approached me with this I wasn’t in the least bit shocked.

Abbi had already approached Alfred Angelo to see if they would be happy to supply 140 Bridesmaids dresses to hit the World Record for the most Bridesmaids to ONE BRIDE AND ONE GROOM! then she approached Cameron Ross to see if they would supply suites for 100 Ushers to break the record for the most Ushers- and they said Yes!

So the ideas started to be knocked back and forth. Our first task was to find a venue, we started the list. Top of the list was Rudding Park Hotel and Spa. We approached them and the hard work to convince them it was a great idea began, a few stressful weeks later we convinced them !

So now we had an idea, outfits and a venue – now it was time to find a Bride and Groom. How could we do this- a competition was the way forward. Once the applications came in we interviewed. The moment we met Alex and Amy we knew they were the ones! Both outgoing, they couldn’t afford a big wedding, that was about to change. The great news was that they both had lots of friends, which of course was so important. So a date was set Monday 23 February 2015.

So the easy bit was now done, for me the hard work was about to begin. This was going to be a world record but most of all someone’s wedding and I was determined it would not become a circus. This meant many meetings with the Bride and Groom to ensure they got their dream wedding. That should have been straight forward but finding a window in Alex busy schedule was a nightmare! The idea of this wedding was that the suppliers would also give their services for free, a very big ask!

So- a photographer was sought and we decided on Tim Hardy photography, Tim was delighted to join out team, its all starting now ! The room had to look stunning so we turned to Black Event furniture for the perfect chairs for the ceremony and reception. To finish off the décor Kath from The Wedding Flower Company came to the rescue, she not only set up for the wedding day but also the night prior for the private pre – wedding dinner with the help of myself for chair covers

287Abbi and me

alex and amy ad mainAlex and Amy

'Quality Chair Covers'

Chair covers by Priceless Weddings

076Rudding Park

325815Decorations by the wedding flower company chairs from Blacks events

Part two to follow ……………………..